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Warning: This couple knows just how to play!


He never denied her anything that made her happy or that would bring her pleasure, even if it meant that he would make her pay for it even just a little. She often over indulged and when he received her text message that she had bought him a surprise, he realized that more often than not it meant an expensive trinket or frivolous luxury that he would have to feign interest in.  He indulged her many materialistic whims, because she pandered to his deviant ones. Their love was adventurous and rare. He did not think that it could get any better.


Arriving home that evening, she greeted him at the door with a wet wanton kiss. She parted and smiled at him and led him by the hand up the stairs. As they ascended the stairs, his cock rose against his zipper as he looked at her ass. He leered at her ample swell peeking under her skirt as he climbed the steps behind her. Her red thong rode between two swelling mounds. He felt himself stiffen.


They reached the bedroom and he was not sure what he was looking at. On the bed was a large ramp. Two large black velvety triangles shimmed together: a wedge on top of the ramp complete with plastic clips on the sides at varying intervals.


Her excited smile puzzled him. “What is this?” he asked.  She giggled and dropped on top of the wedge, ass in the air. Looking over her shoulder she replied, “It’s our new playground.” He stood there and admired the view of her body. What a tempting invitation it was indeed.  He stepped forward and ran his hand over her back and along the sides of the sinuous, velvety shape and fondled the clasps. He stepped back and said “With a lot of extras, huh? In case you resist. ..fuck furniture?” He stated flatly. She relied, “You don’t seem convinced. I’ll just have to show you.”


With that she rose, walked him backwards, and pushed him down on the chair opposite the bed. She slowly stripped for him. Waiting on the floor, was her toy case, filed with a wanton assortment of their favorite sexual accouterments. She unzipped the toy case and withdrew a favorite vibrator metallic and cobalt, a ring named Ora. He knew the names of all the toys, it helped when, in the heat of the moment, one would request a toy by name and the other knew how to employ it to their liking.  Stripping her thong off in a slow movement and she bent over in front of him and gave him a long look before settling. Lying back on the ramp, her legs spread to his view; comfortably on the edge she nuzzled the toy in her folds and flicked it to swirl, pulse, and vibrate against her clit. With the extra height, he got a view that he had never enjoyed- a position to please them both. He watched her masturbate as he unzipped his trousers and firmly stroked his hard cock. She smiled at him while she writhed.


He could stand it no more and stripped as he neared the toy case. He removed two cuff restraints and the paddle. He hovered above her and kissed her, clasping her hands roughly and then wrapping each wrist in a soft cuff. He flipped her on her stomach with strong arms and clicked each cuff to the sides of the wedge. Fastening her extremities into place with her ass perfectly positioned at his cock. With one hand he squeezed each ass cheek and released, as her flesh quivered, he gave each cheek a smart thwack with the paddle. Her flesh reddening and hot as she writhed against the black velveteen playground he paused to rub the paddle over her ass and softly tap her pussy. He flipped the paddle around and drug the dildo handle up and down her ass crack, pausing to push the tip in her anus and slowly rock it back and forth until it held fast in her hole and then withdrew it; teasing and denying her body.


He could see her opening wet and glistening: a pussy ripe and juicy pleading for a firm fuck.  He pulled long strokes along his cock as he spanked her. He dropped the paddle and smeared her juices up to her hole. Plying her pink pucker into play with a push and a twist. Picking up the vibrating ring, he placed it on his thumb and inserted his thick digit into her ass, stretching her anus to his whims. The ring vibrated around her hole and she felt the night hum around them. She twisted against her cuffs in defense, but relaxed in pleasure as he slid his thick cock in her pussy and pushed deeper into her than he had ever before. She gasped at his length; both startling and deep. He felt him inside her tight and full. She buried her face in the plush surface as he rammed her over and over again, her cries muffled as she was held fast against the ramp- a delicate punishment for such a tease.


The ramp positioned her in such a way that he could leverage his body deep into hers. This increased her pleasure and her pussy tightened with excitement around his thick shaft, ebbing in and out of impending orgasm. He dropped the ring and reached over her back to grab her shoulders and push her back on to his dick. Fucking with furious strokes, long and deep.  In her chasm, he felt the tip of his cock hitting the full length of her space and filled her pussy with creamy cum. White cum dripped from her hole and ran down the black plush edge.  He easily clicked the cuffs and released her. They lay together on the wedge, reclined and rested. As she nestled on his chest, he unfastened her wrist cuffs and softly kissed her skin. The luxurious surface enveloped the lovers and lulled them to sleep, until they would frolic on their playground again that night.




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