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Yeast Infections : Ask AvaOnce and for all does oral sex cause yeast infections ?? Several times over the years my wife has gotten yeast infections after oral sex and seems to think I am the cause. Trying to research online it seems like PH may be involved. We can’t be the only ones with this issue. So, what can be done to prevent this condition?? Oral sex is her most dependable way to orgasm and my favorite thing to do in the entire world!!

I curse pesky yeast infections. They take a lovely thought of warm rising rolls fresh from the oven and turn it to the exact opposite—a sore, itchy mess. Small amounts of yeast normally exist inside the vagina. But when the cells start multiplying too fast some women can get overrun with an infection. Yeast infections can result from a variety of reasons. So, if your wife is suffering from them too frequently, she should talk to her doctor.

It has recently been found that saliva can disrupt the already delicate balance of the vagina which increases the likelihood of getting a yeast infection. In fact, oral sex can TRIPLE a woman’s chances of getting yeast infections.* Men can contract yeast infections as well. Get yourself checked out before spreading it back and forth.

Yeast Infections and Alternative Oral Sex Tips

So, how can you keep your wife satisfied without her having to pay later for a good time? A dental dam can help keep your saliva from disrupting what she’s got going on down there. You can D.I.Y a dental dam using a super thin condom or latex glove. Applying a bit of silicone-based lube directly onto her clit will keep the dam from feeling tacky. Then you can begin licking away!

Oral Enhanced Sex Toys

Since your lady loves oral, check out a few toys that are great at mimicking the effect. Oral involves a slow build up for a climactic finish. The LELO Ora 2 does just that with a rotating nub that replicates what your tongue is doing.

If your mad clit-sucking skills are what’s driving her wild, then the both of you should take the Womanizer Classic for a spin. This toy doesn’t actually touch her clitoris. Rather, the silicone head surrounds the clit by creating an unbelievable sensation through what they call “PleasureAir.”

Sex toys can give you the freedom to get involved in other ways. You can share in the pleasure by masturbating beside her and sharing in her erotic energies. Or try giving her no-doubt scrumptious nipples a turn at bat. Or see how many times you can make her come by using a couple’s vibe during intercourse. Believe me, there’s a world of pleasure out there, even if the oral sex doesn’t work out for you.

SOURCE: Reed, B.D. Journal of Women’s Health, December 2003; vol 12: pp 979-990.