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There was a busy lady from Nantucket.

She couldn’t get enough time to…

Well, you get the point.

With our hectic schedules, it can seem impossible to fit in time for sex. Even stepping out of the get-it-done mindset into a relax-and-enjoy yourself mode can be a daunting task. Luckily, there’s no need to make a huge production when you and your partner just want a little nookie. That’s what quickies are for.

Engaging in an afternoon delight is a devious distraction that can inject some much needed spice into a bland day. In fact, the quickie can be more heated and exciting than a planned interlude. Even the word ‘quickie’ sounds naughty and fun.

There are so many reasons why the down and dirty is so thrilling. You connect with your partner in a rush, all lust and desire. It’s an immediate shift from ordinary to orgasm that can set your mind straight. And it’s the thrill of the urgency that makes it so alluring. You don’t need a schedule or a plan—just get it, as fast as you can.

There are a few things we think will help make the quickie even hotter. Here are some tips for those that dare.

Make it Spontaneous

It’s called a quickie for a reason—its not a lazy afternoon of foreplay which then extends to hours and hours of gazing into your lovers eyes. It is a sprint down the erotic rabbit hole where everything is sudden and improvised. It’s starts with just a playful kiss or lingering rub and then speeds down unforeseen paths. In that moment, it is want and desire uninhibited. Shear off her skirt off with a pair of scissors or unzip his trousers like a hungry seductress—take and be taken.

Get Out of the Bedroom

You are out to eat and your lover reaches a hand under the table to caress your thigh. Why wait to seize the moment of passion? Part of the fun comes from having sex in unexpected places—the backseat of a car, your mother’s laundry room, or a crowded bathroom in a dive bar. Drag your partner away from friends and take him or her to a secluded corner—quickly! Before someone walks in!

Keep it Classified  

Secrets are best when shared, and it’s just between the two of you—and the electrifying smiles you will have afterwards. Your generous hosts are oblivious that you just pounded your lover over the powder room sink while guests arrived. Even better, see how many sexual innuendos you can fit into the polite conversation afterwards to make them blush.

Scream and Shout

Quickies don’t include foreplay. Turning up the heat means pumping up the volume. This gives you license to be more rough than usual and say the things you sometimes resist saying when having so-called regular sex. The moans and dirty talk make any quick encounter an audible delight to remember.

Snuggling Not Required

Cuddle time comes later. Quickies are about getting in and out with the old in and out. Instead, get up, gather your clothes, and get back to work. Besides, keeping the smell of the sex on you keeps the flirt alive and leaves you wanting more.


There’s Always Time for Toys

Get on the climax express by adding some intense stimulation. For those on-the-run quickies, women can reach their orgasmic destination with a clitoral vibrator and lube.  The Lelo Mia fits in the smallest of purses, so you can keep it on you if the mood strikes. Plus, it is small enough to use during intercourse, so no one has to leave unsatisfied.

Obviously, we all want to spend hours in bed adoring our partner, but in the real world, we just don’t have time to do that every day. With the quickie, however, you keep in touch. It’s a reminder that you are more than a parent, employee, or friend.

You are a lover, so embrace love in all its timeframes.