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Let’s face it; it’s hard to keep up the daily routine of romance at home. With the responsibilities of work, school, and family, your daily dose of loving can go unfulfilled. This dilemma is probably why cruise ships are so popular. So couples can escape and enjoy the uninhibited virtues of vacation sex.

Free your mind, body, and libido this holiday (vacation) season. The novelty and adventure of exploring a new place give couples the chance to relax, reconnect, and let go of inhibitions. And while we like to say that whatever happens in any bedroom stays in the bedroom, that principle is more easily applied when on vacation. It is a safe environment to try unknown pleasures, like hot sexual positions, exploring fun new toys, donning sexy lingerie, or experimenting with role play.

If you want to make the most of your vacation sex this year, consider our top tips to having great sex on the beach and beyond.

86 the Kids

Vacation SexChoose your location wisely! Think warm; think skimpy clothes; think paradise. And are there any kids running around in your fantasy? We didn’t think so.

Don’t leave the kids at home only to wind up in a resort full of other people’s children. An adults-only excursion lets couples focus on adult pleasures. There are plenty of resorts that offer activities meant for couples—whether it’s jet-skis or couples massage. If you want a place more daring than your nearest coast, try a nudist resort or the exotic resort Hedonism II in Jamaica. They have their own Liberator Gear there for you to use!

Play a Game of Peek-a-Boo

Experience wild and passionate vacation sex and leave sweat pants and grannie panties at home. Ladies, bring your sexiest gear—or wear nothing under your clothes for instant access. Guys, surprise her by getting a spray tanned and then strip off your shirt at the beach to let her see your chiseled six-pack.

Life in the Fast Lane

Speaking of getting wet and wild, make sure there are plans for more than just laying the sun and going on excursions. Put sex on the itinerary every day to charge the sexual energy. Always be touching—even if it’s just holding hands. Constant contact keeps the physical connection.

Enjoy foreplay every morning. Create new rituals like sharing a shower or bath. Then while out on an adventure, steal some alone time together to satisfy the arousal. Sex is a lot like shoes—the more you acquire, the more you desire. So keep the momentum going on the trip and when you go back home, the fire will be easily reignited.

Have We Met Somewhere Before?

The great thing about vacation time is nobody knows you. Couples who typically don’t engage in wild times can take advantage and explore their most daring vacation sex fantasies. For inspiration take along some erotica or spice things up with some light, ‘travel-friendly’ bondage gear like the Liberator Bed Buckler. Meet at the hotel bar—for the ‘first time’—and let a stranger lure you to a secret location. Strut and swagger around the pool and catch your lover’s eye; play coy when they finally alight on you. It’s all about being playful. So have fun and make your partner laugh—that’s the best aphrodisiac.

Travel SexTit for Tat

Make your vacation memories last longer and spend at least one whole day in bed exploring new pleasures. With no work or digital distractions, you both can take time focusing on spoiling each other’s naughty spots. Bringing along a few fun travel companions like the Fascinator Mini and the Wedge. Amp up the level of fun and order up room service with whipped cream for a day of extra special pampering.

Get Your Groove Back

The most important thing, and what all this hot vacation sex is tied up with, is you get the chance to rediscover your partner without the worry of dirty dishes or messy kids. Sex starts in the brain. So let your partner know you still find them sexy. Those are the kinds of memories you will have forever.

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