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Have a shoe fetish? Into girl-on-girl? Perhaps chicks with dicks turn you on? 2015 has been an incredible year for exponential growth in sexual awareness and especially products. As everyone knows, the sexual revolution never stops. Right now, it’s a magical time, and we don’t mean unicorns and rainbows, although they’re nice.
As technology continues to expand, so do the sexual trends. As a matter of fact, there are scientist feverishly working on perfecting the ideal experience just so we can enhance our own pleasure. In just the past few months, we’ve gone from breaking taboos, to fully accepting equality, to having virtual sex, to completely altering our senses altogether. For many of us, sex has become more daring, more complex, and more surprising than ever.
Want a grown-up lesson in modern ex-ed? Let’s keep reading and get schooled on what’s cool.

Wank Bank

17hqfql01b9oxjpgWant to gather all of your favorite load-busting moments, and then save and organize those ideas so that you don’t have to fumble around the internet like a frazzled horny mess—then create a board! For years, women across the country have spent countless hours pinning their hopes and dreams on a certain website, while drooling over nearly impossible craft projects. But to the dismay of porn lovers everywhere—objectionable and profane content was never allowed. This is why alternative pin-sites are popping up in droves and have changed the way we look at porn.

rs_560x415-150821153003-560-ashley-madison-shhhHot Hot Monogamy

If the passwords on Ashley Madison are any indication, people that go looking in greener pastures don’t always we believe they are doing the right thing. Although, we are biologically driven to find the best partners available, most some understand that what they have is pretty damn good.

With passwords like: ishouldnotbedoingthis, ithinkilovemywife, thisiswrong, whatthehellamidoing, whyareyoudoingthis, cheatersneverprosper, donteventhinkaboutit, and isthisreallyhappening, we can take heart in realizing that there are many stalled sex lives out there and understand that cheating is not always the answer.

Feel the Real

Since the beginning of time, people have tried to invent clever ways to make sex toys feel more real—and the latest toys are taking real to a whole new level. Tantus just released a line of realistic uncircumcised phalluses that feel and look remarkably authentic. The Uncut line features detailed flesh textures, pores, veins, and wrinkles and with their large base, are perfect for strap-on play.  But if having just a penis does not float your boat, why not try the authentic Real Doll male version—equipped with a pubic hair, emo haircut, and a detachable penis—you can have your cake and eat it out too.
What’s even realer than real? Virtual reality has only just begun to shape the way we get off. With the Oculus Rift, and scores of VR porn sites popping up, this may become even bigger than the real thing.

Nice Ass!

With anal play becoming less taboo and increasingly trendy, the need to constantly keep that playground presentable is of the utmost importance. Anal bleaching, where the skin is whitened to match the color of the surrounding skin tone, has become popular through pornography and is now reaching a wider audience, especially as thong bikinis are getting thinner and thinner. For hygiene that doesn’t require a trip to the doctor’s office, My Shiney Hiney features an ergonomic brush set which includes medium or soft bristles, and scented cleansing creams that keeps your dainty rosebud looking, smelling, and even tasting fresh all day long.  To make your bum appear more youthful, they even have a lavender whitening cream that helps to blend unsightly dark pigmentation.

a70acfb4309883a55c19911f2cf2955dAPP Adventures

Tech-driven toys are on the rise with dozens of companies embracing the use of smartphones as a remote control for your vibe. By using the movement of the phone, or simple touch capabilities, there are new and exciting ways that toys can become completely customizable. To amp (or better yet App) things up, take out our smartphone and prepare for some interesting fun—no matter if you and your partner are in the same room or across the globe. The first in your queue should be the blueMotion Nex1 panty vibe. This toy takes interactive to a whole new level.
But what if we told you that there’s a sex toy that takes things further. Introducing the Svakom Siime Eye—a wireless internal camera/vibrator that combines pleasure while allowing you to probe the innermost secrets of the female body.  This intelligently designed vibe allows couples to experience unique pleasure while seeing well inside. But wait, there’s more—because this vibe is WIFI enabled, you have the option of saving pictures or video on your computer or mobile device. Now that is some high-tech sex!

Bush Wacked

When it comes to pubic hair—it comes and it goes. Sometimes it’s bushier than the Australian Outback, and other times, bare as the Sahara. But this past year, the New York Times and the American Apparel window displays alike declared that the bush is back. While this whipsaw between extremes seems unprecedented–how can we go from no pubes to full pubes in such a short span? The fact is that pubic hair trends have changed wildly from era to era, throughout recorded history. To fix this issue once and for all, why not just invest in a merkin?

For those that want to spruce up the landscape without having to whip out the gardening tools, you can try a product called Color My Betty. With this product, the carpet can really match the drapes. Whether you’re a blonde, radiant auburn, rich brunette, raven black, or want to try hot pink for to compliment the streaks in your hair, their easy-to-use, no-drip formula gives the perfect finishing touch every time.

Keep it Coming

Ahhh, the internet, where there’s something for everyone! Following the trend of sites like Birchbox, which sends out beauty swag each month, subscription-based sex kits are now landing in mailboxes across the country. Depending on your budget and interest, many of these companies offer boxes filled with a curated collection of trinkets like lingerie, sex toys, and other sensual items that can breath new life into the boudoir and spice up your relationship. Bonus: They all come in unmarked boxes, so you don’t have to worry about any awkward run-ins at your mailbox.
For ladies that are squeamish or shy, a creative approach to getting your sex toy on is hosting a in-home party. Although group gathers of women and product is nothing new, think Tupperware, these types of scenarios are quite different. Instead of a consultant hawking egg slicers and fresh seal food savers, she’s sharing the buzz on the latest vibes, lubricants, and bedroom accessories.