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I’ve been thinking a lot about all the benefits of semen. It really is amazing, and science is starting to back up some of the claims that come from ancient texts such as the Taoist “Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress.”

I have had my own relationship with this amazing fluid; after all, I have to practice what I preach! When I came across the White Tigress practices, I thought that maybe some guy just made this stuff up because he really liked oral sex. But after practicing some of the techniques, I found my skin glowing, looking firmer and younger, and I felt more energized. Really and truly, take my word for it: semen has some amazing qualities.

“Should I swallow?”

Besides swallowing being pleasurable for the guy you are giving oral to, there are some benefits to ingesting semen. Semen is full of vitamins, nutrients, and hormones that are good for you. Hsi Lai, author of Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress, writes about semen: “Western biochemists have found high quantities of vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, and iron, and it even has antibiotic properties—all within a high concentration of protein.”

Ingesting semen can be good for you and can also help you to bond more deeply with your partner. I would advise getting your STD/STI’s checked out before becoming fluid bonded (not using condoms or other protection and thus exchanging bodily fluids) before trying this practice.

Clean your Plate

If you decide that swallowing is not for you, you may want to try another method of receiving the benefits of semen. Instead of having your partner ejaculate in your mouth, have him ejaculate on your face or breasts. According to the White Tigress practices, having your partner ejaculate on your face is best for increasing your beauty and restoring youthfulness.

Here’s how it works according to Hsi Lai. As you are giving oral pleasure to your partner, blood flow comes into your face, which can help to open your pores so that semen can be readily absorbed into your skin. Semen acts as an astringent on your skin because it closes up the pores, tightening and shrinking wrinkles, while at the same time helps with the generation of new skin cells. Warm semen also affects melanin (pigments), which helps to keep the skin and hair healthy.

Ring the Dinner Bell

Attitude is also involved in this practice. I know for me that at first I thought to myself that this practice is degrading. We’ve all seen it in porno films as the guy ejaculates on the girl’s face. I never in my life thought I’d actually practice something like this, but when I did, I instantly saw the results. And I have to admit that there was a turn on in practicing something so taboo.

When I interviewed a White Tigress practitioner and author, Amara Charles, on my radio show, she framed it so beautifully when she said that “a man’s ejaculation is the moment of creation.” See? The White Tigress doesn’t have shame about having her face ejaculated on; she sees it as a practice for physical and spiritual restoration. This in turn can stimulate hormone production that also keeps her youthful and revitalized.

So when asked “Should I spit or swallow”, my answer to the question is not to spit, but to either swallow or get a facial! Healthy semen is good for you.