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In late 2015, TENGA set out to find out if adding sex toys to the bedroom would improve the quality of your sex life. They sent out more than 140 TENGA Smart Vibe Rings to willing testers from several countries and asked them to fill out two surveys—one before using the TENGA SVR and one after weeks of testing. Here’s what they found out!


Before & After the TENGA SVR

A total of 64% of couples reported an improvement in their satisfaction with sex with their partner after including the SVR, with an amazing 91% of couples now rating their sex life as over 4/5 in satisfaction! Here are a few more details from our tester reports:


Sample Details

To get a better idea of our results, here is a breakdown of our sample by age group and country of residence. We received a total of 800 entrants in our two week entry period, with 140 winners chosen from the USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia and Canada (20 couples per country.) We aimed to keep the demographics of our testers close to the age distribution of the original 800 entrants.

The total number of 18 to 20-year-old entrants saw a huge push from the UK and Canada with 26% and 18% respectively from each country while Germany, USA and Australia showing the world that age doesn’t stop you from exploring your sexuality with over a quarter of Australia’s entries from the 51+ group!


Sexlives & Satisfaction

With details on our 800 or so entrants we took a look at how the average couple’s sex life faired before using the TENGA SVR. The results may not come as a surprise but most of our entrants who reported higher frequencies of orgasm and sex reported having more satisfaction with their sex lives. That said, almost one in five of our sample reported being fairly to quite satisfied with their sex lives even if they found they orgasmed “sometimes” or “rarely” during sex, and are quite satisfied with intercourse more than three to five times a month, though more than once a week is the clear winner.

We also wondered if there was a difference between our cultures and countries, and there certainly seems to be some. With satisfaction ratings from our entrants we found that although Australia has the largest percentage of 5/5 “Very Satisfied” couples, the UK and Spain come out on top with those who are Satisfied, with all the countries having a majority of people being somewhat satisfied with their sex lives.

Frequency of coitus going on in the USA seems to be the lowest of our samples but more than 80% of Germans, Americans and Australians, and a whopping 90% of English, Spanish, French and Canadian couples report having sex more than 3~5 times a month, with Canada topping 40% of couples reporting 10 or more times! Orgasm Frequency, on the other hand, seems to be enjoyed by the Australians, Spanish and Germans more than our other entrants.


Masturbation & Better Sex

It wouldn’t be a TENGA survey if we didn’t talk masturbation. We Make Masturbation Better with our line of men’s and women’s self-pleasure items but does Masturbation make Better Sex? We asked our testers about their masturbation habits and here’s what they told us.

Everybody’s favorite pastime is enjoyed by roughly a quarter of our sample every day, and over 70% masturbate regularly, more than a few times a week! France and Germany don’t seem to go solo quite as often as the rest of us, but the ladies and gents in Spain know what’s up!

Working here at TENGA we’ve heard a million times how some people “don’t need to masturbate because they’re having lots of sex” but our results show that there’s no real correlation between how often people masturbate, and either sex frequency or satisfaction.

Finally, we asked our testers, despite their love of good sex, what is their most significant reason to masturbate. Sure, some 18% relieved stress, and a little over 10% had an unavailable or unwilling partner, but as we’ve said all along, the majority, a massive 62% of our testers said they masturbate because it feels great! And what better reason could there be!

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