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By Kalah, Liberator Love Artist



In my opinion, if everyone had more sex, the world be a better place. Don’t tell me that thought hasn’t crossed your mind. Sex affects the body in more ways than just a moment of bliss. It can increase the good hormones and relieve stress, making some people generally happier. So why don’t we talk more liberally and positively about having a healthy sex life?


It’s taboo!


103016237I’m from the South, where a woman does not talk freely and openly about her sexual appetite. It’s not unheard of, but it makes you that kind of girl. So where does that leave a gender-bending homosexual like me?


Right where I want to be, at the edge of the sexual norm, of course. Members of the queer community are not strangers to being thought of as sexual deviants. Much of the argument against LGBT equality is based on the belief that our sexual practices are “unnatural”.


Besides the fact that almost everything about my sexuality is due to nature, I’m out and proud. I love letting my freak flag fly.


So let’s talk taboo.


When I think of edgy sex topics, I think of female ejaculation—squirting as it’s affectionately called. Squirting, in general, is not accepted as a normal sexual response. A lot of people believe that something is “wrong” when fluid suddenly rushes from the vagina. They get freaked out by the unfamiliar. My girlfriend is a squirter so I can say from my research that getting messy can be a lot of fun. We got tired of changing our sheets so we finally upgraded our bedroom with a Fascinator Mini Throe. It soaks up our love juices and looks much classier than a towel.



A discussion on sexual taboos wouldn’t be complete without a nod (or a fist bump) to brachiovaginal penetration, also called fisting. Brachiovaginal or brachioproctic insertion is any act where a person attempts to fit as much of a hand as possible into the vagina or anus respectively to achieve the maximum amount of pressure possible. We went more in depth about fisting here.


aloe-cadabra-lube-french-lavenderIf you or your partner enjoys the feeling of extra fullness, fisting may be for you. Urban Dictionary, a trusted resource in many circles, defines it as ” the act or art of putting a fist in an ass or vagina, very popular practice among more evolved (kinky) gays. Requires great care and huge amounts of lubrication.” Short and sweet. I recommend Aloe Cadabra as a good, globular lubricant that’s great for skin to skin contact.


Another topic of sexual discussion that is often considered taboo is anal intercourse or pegging. For many, pegging is misunderstood and often times considered deviant. Why would anyone want to strap on a fake dildo to have sex? Well, I am here to tell you that pegging/anal intercourse can be quite pleasurable when done after lots of foreplay. The anus is many times more sensitive than the vagina. So the benefits of anal intercourse can feel unbelievable pleasurable. Here’s a helpful link that helps to demystify pegging and offers some helpful tips too.


For me, I find the Tantus Feeldoe to be mutually beneficial. This strapless strap-on let’s both partners feel more connected, since keeping it place means using the PC muscles while inserted into the vagina. The shaft end of the dildo uses a natural angle allowing for better penetration. When in motion, it creates sensations for both the giver and receiver. Plus, it can accommodate a bullet vibrator giving it bonus points!



The moral of my story is not to let stigma stop you. Dare to find your own boundaries, and have plenty of fun along the way.