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Love is a mysterious and splendid thing, but mix in some hot and heavy passion, and you’ve got a whole new level of bewilderment. That’s why a lot of people look to the stars when figuring out whether a relationship is simpatico.  No, we’re not talking about celebrities, but rather the horoscope. For some, reading the signs is a guilty pleasure, but for others—it’s something to live by. Let’s see how your year will take shape in between the sheets and beyond.

horoscopes-01Alrighty! Ready, get-set, and go because this is the year of the epic hookup! Whether your relationships are platonic, romantic, or a weekly booty call, the planets are aligned for precisely one thing—sex, sex, sex. But here’s the twist. Try not to come on too strong or too soon. Part of your mystique will be about letting the passion slowly build and then whammo—you’ve got them by the short and curlies. Like any good seduction, you’ve got to keep those ram like impulses in check and don’t dive in too soon. A little more give than take in the bedroom is the key to getting everything you want.


horoscopes-05Personality traits aside, this is going to be the best year yet. But in order to do that, you’ve got to try something new, something the strong-willed Taurus should be able to handle with aplomb once they set their mind to it. Be it a hot position, inventive sex toy, or some anal pleasures—expanding your horizons will lead to a more play into your love life in a serious way. Start practicing now, because by the time summer comes rolling around, you’ve got some great potential for love affairs which will set your libido ablaze.


horoscopes-072016, unlike any other year, will be all about the pleasure principle. Cue the Janet Janet music now! Your creative and playful nature will receive a serious boost as the planets move toward Uranus and encourage you to get in touch with your inner love artist. According to our chart, you’ll receive a lot more attention and will experience your fair share of indecent proposals. You’ll be in your prime and turn flirting into an Olympic sport.


horoscopes-12Always on the quest for the perfect orgasm, you are finding your sex life feels mechanical and blah. No need to worry, the stars are going to spark and light the path toward an unexpected encounter, perhaps with sexy stranger or just strange sex with someone you know. So right now, take time time to get inspired, and for goodness sake, practice your Kegels. By building your sugar walls, you’ll create a sweet treat that you both can enjoy!


horoscopes-02Oh, you Leo’s know the art of passion and beauty all too well. You love a pretty face and a hot body, but this year though, there’s a lot of planetary action and focus on exploring the mental aspects of sex. In 2016, you’ll be drawn to lovers who not only challenge and stimulate you in bed, but will also do so with your mind. So polish up that leather and prepare the blindfold because there’s some wondrous, kinky action coming your way.


horoscopes-04Cha-Ching! The planets are aligned and will be amping up your finances the first half of 2016. So, let’s get inspired, and start a buying some of those luxury sex toys you want to finally experience this year. As the perfectionist of the zodiac, you’re sometimes critical of your sexual performance and are afraid to just let go. So this year, instead of being hard on yourself, take some time and focus on giving yourself the best orgasms ever.


horoscopes-08Can we get a whoop, whoop?!!! The dynamic Sun, chatty Mercury, and vivacious Venus are bound to light up your sign in 2016. This killer combo will have you rare form—setting hearts and loins on fire. Don’t create quandaries or love triangles by settling for the first person. There will be plenty to come by, so keep your options open. With your sex appeal and charm off the charts, expect to be treated to the year of love, much like the god and goddess you are.


horoscopes-11As the certifiable sex machine of the zodiac, it’s pretty rare for a Scorpio to not be in the mood. Until mid-March though, you’ll be distracted to the point of it numbing those infamous hormonal urges. The reason behind your flagging fancy—planetary action in your sector of looking for new ways to play. That niggling sensation in the back of your mind may not disappear but once locate the source of your bother, your head and libido will be purring like a kitten.


horoscopes-03As the one of more intrepid signs of the zodiac, you almost never tire of repeated action in between the sheets. However, this year you will be longing for more adventurous liaisons. Perhaps, even to the point of restlessness.This year you will have a strong desire to spice shit up by exploring fantasies. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and let your dominant side come out. You’ll never know where you’ll wind up—perhaps in bed with a close friend.


horoscopes-06Career-minded Capricorn’s always have a multitude of talents—lucky you! With your ambition soaring, you may become a bit distracted and wind up ignoring your sexual needs. This year, garner all the support necessary and gather up some new, and high-tech sex toys, just so you don’t get bored. Go ahead, and let the passion take you where you need to go. In 2016, give people something to talk about.


horoscopes-09As the rebellious, non-conformist of the zodiac, you’re no stranger to the wild side. This year, your yearning for something, or someone, different may lead you down some very alternative avenues. Ironically, you may find yourself attracted to a person who is conservative, yet utterly irresistible. So, too will be the prospect of corrupting them with your kinky ways. Just relax and let your freak flag fly!


horoscopes-10This will be an important year for communication and discussing your sexual desires. Once you get over that hump, you and your lover(s) will be humping like bunnies. Luckily, the stars will enhance your irresistible charms and qualities and open the door. But first things first, you will need to get a few things off your chest! There’s a great chance you may fall in love, or lust, with a hypnotic and stunning air sign.