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We at Liberator pride ourselves in collecting only the finest sex toys available, but our inner nerds rejoice when seeing these nerdy sex toys. Made to last? Probably not. Your go-to toy? Nah. But will they give you an awesome geek out moment? Oh yeah! That’s why we are featuring our favs from the world of ‘What if we took our two favorite things and combined them?”

We’re going where no geek has gone before with these nerdy sex toys and accessories.

Steam F*ck

The fully functional Little Death Ray combines Victorian sensibilities and 1960’s sci-fi style with modern vibration technology. It is built for accepting replacement barrels whenever the original wears out, which is good because my time machine is in the shop.

Nerdy Sex Toys

Smile and Say Cheese

All intelligent geeks know that inner beauty is way more important than outer (at least we told ourselves that school dances). That must be why some dirty-minded nerd developed the first selfie stick to capture all that inner gorgeousness. This bendable camera that lets you capture epic internal images and FaceTime with your friends.

Nerdy Sex Toys

Consider us Slayed

Nerds are nothing if not creative. So, it makes sense they are putting their dirty minds towards making a more realistic dragon dick. We love the craftsmanship and care taken with these ultra detailed dildos and sleeves. There’s a real passion behind their work. If you are going to do it, do it properly.

It’s Coming Right at You!

We like the 3D book of big butts and we cannot lie. This book will not disappoint the most hardcore of book nerds. Who doesn’t appreciate plump apple bums mixing with glorious 3D printing? These perfectly formed derrieres bulge off the page and seductively wag from side to side with the turn of every page.

Nerdy Sey Toys

Hold the Door—what!

Knights love showing off their thrust and parry techniques. So, this Game of Throne inspired dildo will have your sister—or however you are using it on—trembling with satisfaction. And if using one of these nerdy sex toys during your period you can call it a Red Wedding! (Ok, we admit that one was a bit much.)

For the Real Technofile

Do you love your iPad? I mean, really love your iPad? The LaunchPad by Fleshlight is an adapter that attaches a male masturbation sleeve to an Ipad. It’s like plugging your dick directly into the mainframe.

Measure Up

Any math nerd worth his salt knows that you need empirical data for backing up your conclusions. That’s why this App measures your sexual performance while helping plot your next move. And yes, it’s called Spreadsheets.

This Could be the End of Mankind

Say goodbye to the real world and deplete your bodily fluids in record time by slipping inside of this virtual reality sex suit. The suit covers you from head to toe and stimulates your body in such a way you’ll no longer feel the need for actual human interaction ever again.

I Want to Believe

It takes a special mind to go beyond merely admitting alien life could exist to fantasizing one of them implanting you with their alien eggs. If you are out there, aliens, we’d like to say: Buy a girl a drink first!

Makin’ Wookie

C3po is fluent in over six million forms of communication, and anal is one of them. Rest assured, though. The etiquette and protocol for stimulating your rosebud will be strictly followed. What we love most about these types of nerdy sex toy is his expression. This is not the butt plug you were looking for!