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The following should be read in the voice of David Attenborough:

The wild Ava stalks the bedroom. She feels the ground beneath her feet as she takes purposeful strides, letting her hips sway with each step. As she lifts her arms and stretches she surveys her surroundings and knows that she is the queen of this jungle. A smile can be seen on her lips as she moves towards the fridge to hunt for her next meal.

At least that’s what is going through my head during my daily Naked Time. What’s that? You don’t know what Naked Time is? Well unbuckle your pants and let me educate you on why you should be naked as much as possible.

How often are you naked?

Do you move from work clothes to sweats to PJ’s without pausing in between? At some point I realized the only times I was naked was when I was showering or having sex, and sometimes I didn’t even fully disrobe for the event. I was caught in activities that didn’t allow for me to be in the buff. From working to doing household chores, my body was hidden away.

The shame in this is that I have an amazing body. You do too, by the way. We are so lucky to be alive and to be able to enjoy our bodies in whatever capabilities they provide us. I’ve got legs to get me around, and arms to reach out with, and stellar tits, too. But when my body is stashed away, out of sight and mind, it’s easy to take all that for granted.

That’s why I spend a little time each day naked. It reminds me of all the muscles working in harmony when I walk around. And how the air feels on my skin or the sheets on my bed as I stretch out. Being naked centers me in my form. I feel powerful, and more than a little sexy.

Naked Time = Sexy Time

It’s that connection to our sexy selves that benefits the most from Naked Time. 99.9% of sexiness is confidence. It’s not what you look like. It is all about how you feel in your skin. Young, old, thin or plump—we are all powerful in our own way. All we need is a reminder and a moment of appreciation to feel that spirit when we are naked in front of someone else.

Your lover is with you because they think you are attractive. The real trick is to convince yourself that you are too. Becoming confident in your naked form gives you the ability to see what they see. Start with your good physical qualities. You might have a great head of hair or dainty little feet—and from there move up.

Do me a favor—try it for a month and report back. I want to know if you get the same thrill I get and if you think that feeling translates into your sex life. What do you have to lose except less laundry to do? And hey, May is Masturbation Month so you might as well take full advantage of your Naked Time while you are at it!