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By Adam Gates of NakedHealthy

1407_combo_0302I pretty much decided, the second I knew that sex existed, that I wanted to get as much as of it possible and be really good at it. I loved the concept of sex from the get go. There is this overwhelming instinct that the better you are at it, the more you will get. Great!

Now that that is decided, how do you go about practicing until a girl is convinced of actually taking her clothes off to have sex with you? Masturbate, and frequently. As I grew up, and before I had a regular sexual partner, masturbation was not always for “training” purposes, but it was most definitely something in the back of my mind. Now that I’m 33, and have convinced a few nice ladies to throw their pants on my floor, I find it ironic that I’m still incredibly focused on the same idea of having control over how and when to orgasm—just the same as virgin me. 

The new version of me has learned quite a few tricks, however. Sex is just like any other skill. For instance, if you cook only once a week, and almost never make snacks, no one will want to eat your chicken. Whether you have a regular sexual partner or not, you need to be masturbating for a number of reasons which I am about to cover. You should not feel guilty about it and you should explore it on a regular basis. It will make sex better for your partner, and it sure as hell will make sex better for you.

Here’s a personal story that happened recently. Two months ago, I was given the best goodie bag of my life. This swag-bag had a number of Tenga male masturbation products for me to try for a video being produced at (They have all sorts of glorious penis products.) The receipt of this gift bag also coincided with my girlfriend being an extended business trip. OK, fair enough, it was time for some research. To get to the point, so that we can start talking about your benefits, I want to explain how quickly I noticed a difference. 

After masturbating regularly for two weeks with the Tenga products, I noticed a major increase in blood flow to my penis. I was, without a doubt fuller, thicker, more upright. I also had more control. The fuller my penis felt, the more sensitive I became and everything felt way more pleasurable. During my “research” I masturbated with an actual purpose, instead of whack and go.

After being away for two weeks, my girlfriend returned and asked: “are you bigger?” I could barely contain my excitement because that is one question where you wish the windows were open with a news crew was recording their top story for the evening news. “Masturbating man achieves bigness,” the headlines would say. Now I was aware of the difference, but it is a whole other ego-boosting ball game when it is noticed by another. Let me explain why this happened and how you can do it too.

Kegels while Masturbating

I will never cease talking about the importance of Kegel exercises. They are the absolute best thing you can do to enhance everyone’s enjoyment with those sexy parts of yours. To explain, Kegel exercises are the persistent contraction of the muscle that is used in the stop and start the flow of urination. Both men and women can do these exercises. On my blog, I often talk of my love for Kegel’s while in the shower or driving. My favorite and most effective method, however, is while I’m masturbating.

Here’s the thing—as you have blood specifically filling the area that controls arousal, this is what you are going to work. It’s the same as exercising any other muscle. You can obtain the best contractions while your penis is erect. But you’ll notice as you masturbate, the harder it will be to contract the muscle during Kegels. However, the harder you contract the muscle, the longer you will be able to contract the muscle. This is where the magic happens.

Men. When you are having sex, the power of having to come and just squeezing and being able to hold is simply beautiful. When you hear her say “no not yet,” you’ll be to respond with a resounding “oh, ok” and then squeeeeeeeeze.

Here are two ways I prefer to perform Kegels. The first being repetitions. I contract my muscles as many times as possible or until I feel like I don’t have any more control. Then I repeat this step three more times. The second method is to contract and hold the muscle as hard for as long as possible. Then rest a second or two and repeat up to 10 times. You’ll notice the second method will sometimes feel more pleasurable, even if you are not masturbating. With Kegels the more you do them, the longer you will be able to do over time. 

Ladies, the same muscle that is involved in your orgasmic contractions is the exact one you’ll be squeezing.The more frequent you perform Kegel exercises, the more intense your orgasms. This is  because it is able to fill the muscle with more blood and you will have increased control. The longer you can hold onto that feeling before your big release, the bigger the payoff. This is good new for everyone.

Masturbation for Smiles

Masturbation, as well as sex, releases Endorphin’s and Oxytocin. These are the feel-good chemicals that your body releases during both of these pleasurable activities. These hormones activate the pleasure centers of the brain and create a relaxed and intimate feeling. This is why cuddling is such an enriching experience. Just the act of masturbating starts the process of feeling better, and you don’t necessarily need to climax. Although you get the biggest burst of chemicals if you do, the choice is ultimate in your hands. So the way I see this math is the more you masturbate the more you’ll smile because these chemicals lower stress and the risk for depression. 

Masturbation for Your Health

Orgasms lower your risk of all sorts of things you don’t want to happen to your body. It lowers your risk of Type II Diabetes. It improves your cardiovascular health by lowering your chances of stroke and heart disease. Women who have more orgasms have greater resistance to coronary heart disease. Men who have more orgasm have a significantly lower chance of prostate cancer. Having an orgasms at least three times a week can even lower the chance of heart attack by 50%. 

Regular masturbation increases your heart rate, which is good. It increases your circulation and gets more blood to your extremities, which in turn, heightens sensitivity. Plus, it also helps to increase your metabolic rate. Having orgasms also allows more blood flow to the brain, thus elevating your mood and boosting creativity. If you are tossing and turning and unable to sleep, I have a great idea for you. Get off! After you orgasm, you will have a lowering in blood pressure that will make easier to fall asleep.

As you can see, there are so many beneficial reasons to masturbate, other than just getting that quick fix. Frequently masturbating can enhance all aspects of your life. Take the time to enjoy it the process and you’ll notice a significant and positive change in intimacy between you and your partner—beyond anything you thought possible. Plus, you’ll gain more control over your orgasmic experiences.

So to get things started, let your lover know what it is that you really enjoy doing to yourself. If you’re already naked, there’s no time like the present. Don’t be shy, say what you want and what you like. The more familiar your own pleasure and what drives you insane, the more pertinent that information will be to your partner. 

Here’s to clean eating and dirty sex.


NakedHealthy Adam GatesWritten by Adam Gates the Founder of NakedHealthy, a holistic blog and social media channel.

From swimming to running to body building, Adam has had a life of sports. After 15 years of modeling across the country, he took a 3-year nutritional journey to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. There, Adam founded the holistic and wellness blog NakedHealthy. It is a representation of everything related to clean living—clean foods, clean mind, clean spirit. To sum up the easiest way to live clean, Adam states, “don’t eat foods with ingredients.”

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