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We’ve all heard the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ but what about our other parts? Although maintaining a healthy long-distance sex life is not without some unique challenges, innovations in technology have made it a whole lot easier. We’ve come a long way since writing each other passionate letters that arrive a month later—now we have sexting, video chat, and Bluetooth sex toys. Satisfying our long-distance sexual cravings feel more authentic and meaningful than ever.

So, if your sex buddy is in Toronto or Timbuktu, the following guide can help keep things boiling until the climactic reunion.

Liberator: Forget Me NaughtyStorytelling

Create two separate free email accounts with a handle names like dominatrix@ or hotlovers@ and share the information with your partner. In the subject line simply type ‘chapter one’ and begin your erotic journey, starring both of you. To make it super-caliente, don’t forget to add some real-life juicy details about your sex life. In as much detail as possible, spin a tale that concludes with an exciting cliffhanger and send to your lover. They can create their own conclusion and begin with a new chapter. Write and share as many stories as possible, it will make for an extra special addition to your erotica book collection.

201102-omag-love-letter-600x411Lust Notes

It’s always a huge turn-on to find an unexpected sexy something in your drawer. So before your lover catches their flight, hide a few hot reminders inside the compartments of their luggage. Let your style shine through and use sticky notes made from hearts, boobs, or penises, or cards with a host of lipstick kisses. Be inventive and include a sex word puzzle game that your lover has to solve. As each day goes by, they will reminded of how much you really care.

Textual Feelings

Let your fingers do the talking. The joy about sexting is that you can say everything you would normally be too shy to share face to face. Use this as an opportunity to tell your lover your most outrageous and intimate desires. If you want to engage in some textual intercourse, write and save a series of prepared messages before beginning your sexchange. Each time they send you a sexy text, you won’t have to interrupt the pleasure with a reply—just simple fire off your pre-written desires. When things get hot and heavy via text, suggest switching to the phone.

tumblr_nqd4soU6gh1r61kozo1_500The Match Game

Using your cell phone, take a few snapshots of your naked body parts at close up range and send. The key to playing this game, however, is to make the pictures sexy but not instantly identifiable. For every body part that is guessed correctly, offer up the full shot.

Dirty Soap Opera

Liberator: Forget Me NaughtyTalking dirty over the phone is so much better when done with sexy stranger. Pretend to be a bored libidinous housewife and arrange for your man to call you while he’s away, pretending to be a salesman. Tell him your ‘husband’ who usually deals with such mundane matters is away, but, as the caller has a very sexy voice, you could be persuaded to do just about anything. If you’re too shy to talk about your fantasies, try calling your mate during a mid-solo session. Simply describe what you’re doing and let the seduction sounds of moans and groan fill in the gaps.

Lead a Double Life

Liberator: Forget Me NaughtyCouples can now enter a world of infinite possibilities and live an incredible sex life without boundaries. Guided only by the imagination, is an online, 3-D virtual world, where kinky couples get to create their own avatars and have all types of cyber sex. From BDSM, to swinging orgies, the world-wide-web is your oyster!

Starring Role

Partner in Crime

41O6nZvOTzLI bet the creators of Back to the Future never imagined this: turn your smartphone into the ultimate sex machine. With the blueMotion, the only limit is your imagination. This bluetooth enable clitoral vibe can be worn inside panties and has the power to please anytime, anywhere. Simply download the app to your iPhone or Android device and let the long distance party begin. Move your hands on the screen to make your partner scream with pleasure. It will even vibrate based on your vocal pattern, so be sure to have some choice dirty thoughts ready to go.

Liberator: Forget Me NaughtyLights, Camera, Action!

Sex via video chat can be a lot of fun and is also a great way to explore new ways of play. If you’re feeling a little camera shy, just imagine that you’re in the same room with your partner. Get creative and design a set that includes sexy elements like lingerie, dim lighting, music and candles—and don’t forget the sex toys. To make your session even more enticing or to lighten up the mood, try writing out a script that each of you can role-play.

A couple of things to remember: use a laptop because holding an iPad will take your hands away from the action. And be sure to have room to maneuver around the screen to make sure all the best bits get into frame.

Although it takes a special commitment and bond to make this type of relationship last, you both can make the time go by a lot faster by finding inventive ways to express yourself sexually. But the true secret to keeping your sexual connection going is to find the fun with the whole experience. If things start to feel strange, don’t hesitate to step back, make a few jokes and try again.

How do you keep the heat on while far apart? Leave a comment below!

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