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We are currently working with a major cable network to find Atlanta-based single people for a new dating series. We’re looking for people who feel they have exhausted every effort in modern dating, and think they have a dating problem that needs to be fixed.

Are you obsessed with dating apps and online matchmaking sites, but just can’t seem to get to date number 2? Perhaps you are looking for love in the wrong places, and the club and party scenes just aren’t working out. Or maybe you love the idea of love and have several broken engagements to prove it.

We are also interested in finding someone who is in a new relationship, but has concerns that it won’t work out. If you would like some guidance on your new relationship, this could be a great opportunity for you.We would also love to hear nominations! Do you have a friend who just can’t seem to get his/her dating life together even though they claim to want to find “the one”? Do you have friends who have strings of one night stands or are looking for love in all the wrong places?
If so, please feel free to nominate your friend for some serious love coaching.Whatever your (friend’s) problem seems to be, we want to talk to you. You may have the opportunity to work with an amazing relationship expert and matchmaker who can revamp your dating style and find your perfect soul mate. You just have to be willing to try their methods!

If you are an unsuccessful dater with a dynamic personality, we want to talk to you! For more information and to talk to a casting producer please email