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By Adam Gates, Founder of

Before I dive in, the statements in this article are my own personal anecdotes with Sweet Mary Jane. Liberator does not advocate the breaking of any Federal or State laws and does not promote the use of illicit substances, so this guideline should only be used when in states where marijuana use is legal. This story and recommendations are based on my experiences, which may differ from other people’s opinions and point-of-view. With that being said, if you live in an area where this medical or recreational herb is legally available, and you enjoy sex, boy oh boy, I have a treat for you.

Raise your hands if you’ve ever had sex while under the influence of alcohol. No problem, most of us have. Okay, now keep your hands up if that’s how you regularly have sex. No judgment here! I’ve had my fair share of sexual encounters while drunk. To be honest, 60% of my younger-self sexual forays were under the influence of alcohol. For people like me, all inhibitions fly out the door, especially when there’s some wine involved. It took me a while, but eventually, I realized pouring a few glasses of wine just before sex was becoming a habit which greatly affected my performance, satisfaction, and ability to fully experience sex.

So, why do some of us feel the need to imbibe before an intimate encounter?  Well, there are a few reasons. 1. Drinking can feel relaxing, especially in certain social settings, like a first date. 2. It may also lower inhibitions. People tend to feel less self-conscious of letting their new partner see them fully naked. 3. It can make some of us feel more adventurous, willing to try out new sexual positions or activities. Basically, alcohol serves as liquid courage, especially when you throw emotions and nudity into the equation. But what if there were a healthier option available?

The option I am speaking about is a natural occurring substance. One, of which, from my personal experience, allows me to fully connect with my partner, maintain mental acuity, and simply relax and enjoy sex. Chance are, some of you have already tried this substance at least once! For me, this option feels healthier than the alternatives. And unlike alcohol, it heightens my sexual experiences without degrading any of the sensations. Plus, I don’t wake up the next day wondering what happened, while nursing a hangover. This option, for me at least, is safe and has been proven effective in treating all types of mental, physical, and emotional ailments. From erectile dysfunction to performance anxiety, to stress—marijuana is my saving grace.

Porn star Anna Morna once said, “Smoking cannabis before sex is a lot like anal. It’s weird the first couple of times. But then, you get used to it and start liking it.” That’s exactly how I felt the first time. I realized I can fully experience a higher vibration of intimacy. High-frequency sex! Not only that—nice and slow blow jobs also feel amazing. Then the orgasms are completely off the charts and incomparable to anything else! Everything feels more sensitive to the touch and increases my arousal level ten-fold. But once again, I’m speaking from a personal level here.

The reason I’m pro-cannabis during sex is because it has helped me tap into a deeper level of creativity by activating my pineal gland. This singular gland is located in the center of the brain and is thought to be directly linked to intuition and visualization. By lighting up just before having sex, it’s made me into a more confident lover and more attentive partner. I was no longer having sloppy, foggy, mind-numbing drunk sex. In fact, I opened a gateway toward a better way to experience intimacy. With my senses in heightened and relaxed state, I feel sex, with my partner is more than just physical. It is a fully immersive experience which allows us to emotionally and spiritually connect. Instead of constantly staying in my head, I can let go, and completely see and feel my tongue, fingers, or any other part of my body. No wonder why it’s been used as a spiritual enhancing herb for thousands of years!

When I talk with people about my heightened sexual experiences, they often ask about where to begin. For those wanting to try this option, I always recommend start slow and stay at home! Depending on your chemical makeup, cannabis can take 10 minutes to take full effect, especially when smoked or vaped. However, there are tons of other ways to ingest this herb which can take up to two hours. The dispensaries in Boulder (where I love to visit) have drinks, candy, chocolates and even topical creams. Once again, start slow and never do more than what the dispensary recommends.


With the country’s shift toward marijuana legalization, several new and exciting products are emerging in the topical department—including cannabis-infused lube and massage oils. Case in point, a company called  Foria Pleasure now has an amazing sensual enhancement oil designed for the ladies. So, if you don’t want to smoke it, eat it, drink it, you can just put it in your vagina! Margaret Cho loves the blend of liquid coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis oil so much she said, “this is my favorite product of all time, I cannot say enough about it!” Man, it makes me wish I had a vagina—but the good news is, I can use it on my girlfriend. We both reap the benefits.

What I hope many of you take from this is article is, not that I’m promoting getting high or wasted, but rather, finding a healthy path towards enhancing your sexual pleasure. By doing this, I’ve learned sex can be enlightening, as well as highly orgasmic.

With this particular option, I don’t dull the memories of a great night or damage my body with alcohol. By giving this all-natural route a try, I’ve been able to reach a higher vibration of CHI. If you’re not into it—that’s okay too. But for those who are interested, why not see how connected you and your partner can be?  Who knows, maybe you’ll achieve an entirely different mind altering climax, just like me.


NakedHealthy Adam Gates

Written by Adam Gates the Founder of NakedHealthy, a holistic blog and social media channel.

From swimming to running to body building, Adam has had a life of sports. After 15 years of modeling across the country, he took a 3-year nutritional journey to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. There, Adam founded the holistic and wellness blog NakedHealthy. It is a representation of everything related to clean living—clean foods, clean mind, clean spirit. To sum up the easiest way to live clean, Adam states, “don’t eat foods with ingredients.”

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