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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. That means we get to celebrate the awesomeness of this female feature by highlighting the Top 10 Greatest Boobs of All Time. Because let’s face it, there is nothing more alluring than a strong, intelligent and witty woman with an awesome pair of boobs. We’re talking about the kind of breasts that leave you breathless, make your eyes water when you catch even a glimpse—the kind of boobs that can both make or break your day because of how mind- blowing incredible they truly are. Care to take a look? Of course you do!

#10 Pamela Anderson

Liberator: Best Boobs Ever

The former Baywatch babe and Playmate has been in the spotlight most of her life.  After appearing in Playboy magazine twice, Anderson decided to get breast implants, and her stardom skyrocketed. Thanks to her busty figure and controversial personal life, Pamela Anderson has become a pop-culture icon and continues to shamelessly flaunt her best assets.

#9 Marie Antoinette, Queen of France

Liberator: Greatest Boobs of All Time

Rumor has it that young teen Queen Marie Antoinette played out a milkmaid fantasy at her mock dairy farm, and her husband the king commissioned artist Jean-Jacques Lagreneé of Sévres, to create a ceramic bol sein (literally, a “breast bowl”) in the shape of one of her perfect breasts.

#8 Raquel Welch

Liberator: Best Boobs Ever

1960’s this sex symbol extraordinaire rocked a fur bikini like no other in One Million Years B.C. and was referred to as ‘fuzzy britches’ in the Shawshank Redemption. Now this 74-year-old actress still struts her stuff on red carpets, serving notice that women in their 70s still rock!

#7 Wonder Woman

Liberator: Best Boobs Ever

There is not denying that Linda Carter was the best superhero ever!  An icon of the ’70s, she was a pioneer on the frontier of female power and enviable costumes. Without Wonder Woman, there would be no Lara Croft.

#6 Jessica Rabbit

Liberator: Best Boobs Ever

In the ’80s, Roger’s wife would be used as a template to model today’s body image and expectations everywhere. In some bizarre way, she kinda looks eerily similar to a certain reality star.

#5 Jayne Mansfield

Liberator: Best Boobs Ever

Her voluptuous form was a large part of her appeal—that and the fact that her dresses often gave the impression her girls just might tumble out at any moment.

#4 Foxy Brown Pam Grier

Liberator: Best Boobs Ever

If you were old enough to have lived through this era there was no one who could compare with Pam Grier. She had some serious boobs long before the era of chest enhancements and had a sense of style that gave birth to countless wet dreams.

#3 Betty Page

Liberator Best Boobs Ever

In the early ’60s, Bettie Page’s pinups offered a darker type of sex appeal compared to Hollywood starlets like Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. While her breasts may sometimes take a backseat to bondage, her body still generated legions of fans and a handful of subcultures around the world.

#2 Marilyn Monroe

Liberator: Best Boobs Ever

Today, the name and image of Marilyn Monroe are synonymous with old Hollywood glamour, but in 1949 she was just another struggling young actress trying to make it in Tinseltown. Tight on cash, the starlet agreed to pose nude for $50 for photographer Tom Kelley. The now infamous photos would appear in the inaugural issue of Playboy in 1953.

#1 Dolly Parton

Liberator: Best Boobs Ever

This famous country star once said, “If it’s saggin or baggin, I’ll have it nipped, tucked, and sucked.” Well, alright then! Dolly’s ample bosom has been wowing audiences and defying gravity for close to five decades now and still shows no signs of sagging.

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the most luscious breasts in the world. We would have loved to un-cover them all! Leave your favs in the comments below.