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Who needs candles and a cake when birthday sex qualifies as the best gift ever. The usual birthday traditions of going out to dinner and watching a movie are so outdated. Instead, let your birthday lover unwrap something daring and unique—you. Tis better to give and receive, after all.

Here are our favorite birthday sex surprises you both will love.

Sensual Night In

Dinner reservations are no longer required. You can create a romantically charged atmosphere right there at home and on a budget. The great thing about having a sensual night in is you don’t have to wait to get home for sex. Making some simple decor adjustments and adding some soft light is sure fire way of striking the right celebratory mood.

Top of the Morn’

Sex first thing in the a.m. is one hell of a way to kicking off your lover’s birthday. That morning birthday sex glow along with a boost of energy will make them feel special all day long. With the entire day ahead, they will be more than eager to try something even more daring at night.


Guest of Honor

Treat your lover like royalty on their birthday. This birthday sex tidbit is all about pleasuring the guest of honor. Set up a throne by draping it in luxury faux fur throw and giving them a crown. Pretend you’re a foreign dignitary intent on building diplomatic sexual relations with a royal tool kit filled with sex toys, lubes and kinky props.

Roll Camera!

Get out the camcorder and shoot a movie commemorating the special day. Before yelling action, however; surprise them with specially wrapped gift containing lingerie or sexy wares meant for filming. The skies the limit when making your own erotic movie. Be creative and come up with a couple of lines you can rehearse before filming.

Dinner and Dancing

The OhMiBod Club Vibe is the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys sexy birthday buzz. Present your lover with this remote-controlled vibe before going out for an all night celebration. Buzz her throughout the evening bringing her close to orgasm and then stop. Once she’s hot and wet, whisk her off to a private spot and give a double-pronged orgasm. Enter her from behind and hit the button and aim or perfectly timed orgasms together.

Good Vibrations

This perfect birthday sex treat makes the night all about them. Slowly undress you lover and run your hands all over their body, reminding them of their sexiness. Blindfold them and lead toward the pleasure zone. Start off slowly using some warming lube on their erogenous zone and gradually add a vibrating sex toy. Take care and test every speed, pulse, vibration, and pattern. Keep them guessing where you’re going next and build the tension until they can’t take it anymore. Happy Birthday, indeed!

Create a Masterpiece

Make it a birthday to remember over and over again using the Love is Art Kit. Nothing’s better than a homemade gift and creating your own erotic art piece will always have special meaning. The kit comes in a variety of colors and includes everything you’ll need for having artful birthday ex on canvas.

Lathering Up to Birthday Sex

Getting dirty is just as much fun as getting clean. Turn your bathroom into birthday sex staging area for some more foreplay. But don’t forget you’re special water toys! Climb into the shower or bath together and take turns lathering each other with soap. Using the Queen Bee massager from Hot Octopuss, take turns massaging each other’s most sensitive areas.

birthday sex

Double Dog Dare

You’re not getting any younger. So, why not do something more daring. Upgrade your regular doggy-style position with what we refer to as Super Doggy. Using the Wedge/Ramp Combo along with a couple of the Liberator Lift, you’ll be able to have mind-blowing birthday sex. The extreme pitch and angle make anal sex or pegging feel more natural and comfortable.

Just Ask Jared

We doubt you’ll ever see advertising like this from a major jewelry retailer. This amazing birthday sex surprise does not require a mouth or vagina—your ejaculate will prove just fine. Tell your birthday lover you just bought them a piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry—a pearl necklace. Mention, also, you have picked up a matching pearl belt, pearl pendant, and pearl thigh cuff. Getting them off first will guarantee the placement of your pearls anywhere.

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