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By Adam Gates of NakedHealthy

Anyone you know want a reputation for being bad in bed??? I bet I can guess the answer…. Deep down we all want to leave our partner so mind numbingly tingly they are forced to brag to their friends, but how often do you take conscious steps to become better not only to your naked bed friend but to yourself?

Before I even had sex, I was reading everything I could about how to be good at it. How much more of an intimate act can you have than being aroused and naked, compressing the warm skin of someone whom you desire? I did not want to suck at it.

I went through quite a party phase for a few years in my mid-twenties. Lots of sex lots of alcohol. Modeling presented me with glorious free parties and I remembered noticing with all the drinking and fast food, even with all the exercise, I was not getting the regularly scheduled blood flow all the time when I needed it. My penis being so important to me I examined my situation and changed it. I noticed a very quick difference as soon as I restricted my alcohol and dropped the fast food. I was back to being prepared for round two on a much more regular basis.

The sad thing is these days with they way people live, not only are they not doing anything to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they are damaging it year after year with poor diet, alcohol, stress, and lack of sleep, amongst other unhealthy habits. But there’s good news. You can reverse it, and your sex life is going to improve because of it.  I’m going to give you tons of excuses to get you and that special someone a lot more naked and a lot more healthy.

Like stress? Me neither and neither does your lover. Wanna get rid of some of it?? Good. Life is stressful, most of us feel over worked and underpaid. On top of that most days have to battle traffic, and then get up and do it again by breakfast. Luckily there is an easy solution to get rid of all that stress—have sex. Immediately upon engaging in sexual activity, happy things start happening inside you. The hormone oxytocin is released and dopamine levels quickly go on the rise. You reduce anxiety when this occurs, your mood increases, and you feel calmer. Sex also increases blood flow to your brain increasing mood and even creativity. Writer’s block? Great. Have sex.


You want to do everything in your power to keep your circulatory system pumping clean blood throughout your whole body from the brain, genitals to toes. When your circulatory system isn’t running smoothly your happy spots won’t become as engorged with blood leaving the penis far less strong and full and the vagina less sensitive making for less stimulating sex and duller breath-gasping orgasms. I vote orgasms for everybody. You want all of your nerve endings as awake as possible so all of your sexy parts can feel all of their sexy parts.

shutterstock_302636630When you consume high fructose corn syrup or high fat processed foods, the liver is overworked and turns the sugars into fat and releases it into your blood. Think of dropping tiny cotton balls into your drain every day for a year. Water would gradually slow to a clog. This is how junk affects your blood flow, restricting extreme sensitivity to the spectacular penis and vagina. Fast food, junk food, sugar, preservative filled food, frozen dinners, canned food, energy drinks, juice, soda and flour all are dampening the power of you can have in the bedroom—or wherever you do it. Look at sex like jogging. If you do it twice a month for 6 minutes you’re probably not going to see a lot of benefits. For superstar sex, practice 3-4 times a week. No partner currently? Masturbate. Practice, practice. Eat any and all fruits, TONS of any veggie you want, lean protein like wild caught fish (not tilapia), chicken, turkey, complex carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal. Also daily drink a gallon of water every day (your body is 66% water!).

Within 5 days of solid, clean eating you’ll not only notice your sex drive increase, you’ll want to go longer, and your orgasms will be more intense. Men, your masterhood will definitely seem larger, harder and more attentive. Poor diet year after year is the #1 contributor to erectile dysfunction and lack of sex drive. I don’t know about you, but sex is not a hobby I plan on giving up with age. Fellas, no woman has ever complained about their man being too hard. So eat clean for a higher voltage lightning rod. Ladies, you’ll have increased sensitivity coupled with contracting harder and longer priming you for multiple orgasms.


Throw this new diet in with exercise 4 times a week, and you’ll be feeling like puberty all over again. Remember how that felt—when you’d finish, breathe 30 seconds, roll over and go for more? Regain some of your stamina and endurance with exercise and clean eating. It is well worth it. Cars can be replaced, houses rebuilt, but we get 1 beautiful body in this whole life. The better you treat that scientific wonder we call the body, the better it will treat you.

To clean eating and dirty sex! <3


From swimming to running to body building Adam has had a life of sports. After 15 years of modeling, he took a 3-year nutritional journey to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. There, Adam founded the holistic and wellness blog NakedHealthy. NakedHealthy is a representation of everything clean living. Clean foods, clean mind, clean spirit. To sum up, the easiest way to live clean, Adam states, “don’t eat foods with ingredients.”