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From big booties to giant butt plugs, the past year has been jammed packed with sex. Before we bid adieu, let’s savor some .of the most salacious moments of 2014.


It’s Been a Booty-Full Year

The derriere has been revered since the beginning of time, but a year after Miley Cyrus twerked her way into our psyche, ass worship has become a form of cultural currency. 2014 will be forever remembered as the year when swaths of ‘talent’ from music and pop culture cashed in on their assets, making this the Year of Peak Booty.


 Baby Got Back got a fresh new look and beat with Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.


 With nearly 94 million YouTube views, we got a double dose of re-ass-uring pleasure with JLo’s Booty.


kimmemes13f-1-webNot to be out shined for the rear-end kind we have Kim Kardashian’s famous rear-view.

Paper Magazine and Kim Kardashian set out to break the internet. Though she did not succeed, Kardashian still had a lot of tongue’s wagging.


The image sparked a lot of debate on whether or not it was appropriate for a mother to pose in a salacious manner. It opened up the debate on if mothers should be raised to a higher standard and not sexualized in order to present an image of propriety for their children, or if mothers were women who could do with their body what they will and should not be forced into a role that is unfair and inhuman.


Whatever your point of view, it is an image you will not soon forget.




Pushing the Limits

It seems that as every year passes, more networks are jumping on the sex positive bandwagon. 2014 saw a lot more than just idealized nudity on television but actual sexual adventurers and those with the talent to educate.


Dating-Naked-inline-467Dating Naked

Dating naked may sound like a bad dream to most of you, but Vh-1 decided to turn that nightmare into a reality show, where contestants are completely nude, with their genitals and breasts blurred out. The biggest controversy came when one of the contestants from the third episode sued Vh-1 for $10 million for showing a glimpse of her un-blurred crotch.                     



Screen-Shot-2014-10-29-at-12.06.27-PM-1080x629SEX with Sunny Megatron

Sex Blogger Extraordinaire, Sunny Megatron landed her own gig on Showtime. Known for her contagious personality, Sunny takes viewers on a journey of sexperimentation. Filled with hilarious and thought provoking content, her show is about celebrating and promoting a sex positive messages. It may be time to upgrade your cable service for this one.



This new Starz series boasted the longest nude scene with almost an entire episode featuring the two main characters naked. Hard to call it a bodice-ripper when no one is wearing a bodice. The most important aspect was showing intimacy and the main female character’s enjoyment and desire for it, showing an erotic female point of view that rarely gets shown on TV. Maybe because this episode was directed by a woman,  Anna Foerster, and written by another woman, Anne Kenney. Or maybe the most important aspect is all the eye candy.





Here’s a peek at couple of sex related films that 2014 made interesting.


Nymphomaniac Vol. I and Vol. II

NimfomankaaBecause it’s four-hours in length, the Director, Lars Von Trier decided to break it into two parts. With stunning and startling visuals, Nymphomaniac is a story  of a woman recounting her erotic adventures to a man that saves her.



Sex Tape

A predictable and raunchy sex comedy, Sex Tape (starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel) is about a married couple that want to spice up their sex life by making a sex tape.  The next morning they wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing. Just wondering how many people were inspired to create their own sex tape adventure this year.


downloadBreast Intentions

Inspired by true events, Free the Nipple follows a group of women who take to the streets of NYC topless, to protest our archaic censorship laws. Activist’s set out to start a movement and change the system through publicity stunts and graffiti installations while armed with First Amendment lawyers. This documentary explores the contradictions in a media-dominated society, where acts of violence are glorified, while images of a woman’s body is censored. The movie prompts the viewer with this one question. What is more obscene—violence or a nipple?




Pubic Relations

Earlier this year, launched a program asking the users of its porn site to come up with designs for a new advertising campaign that was going to be featured on a billboard in Times Square. Here are some of the creative entries.

edit-8835-1412961922-10  enhanced-8330-1400683406-17A winner was eventually chosen and early one morning a huge version of it was erected in New York’s Time Square.


It was removed the following day, however. A spokesman said the advert had been mounted on a building occupied by a famous Hotel chain. The reason it was taken down was because of complaints by the hotel’s general manager. Party Pooper!






A Trans-Formative Year

time.laverne.cox_.140529In 2014, transgender people truly were everywhere—from the red carpet to the runway, from TV to D.C., and from the cover of Time magazine to the pages of a New York Times bestselling memoir. We bore witness to plenty of legal victories that will make it easier for transgender people to find employment, update their legal documents and receive healthcare. Although there’s still a long way to go , 2014 is likely to be remembered as an important step toward a more inclusive future.


Since it’s release in October, a lot of people are discussing Transparent. The Amazon original is about a family dealing with their father’s transformation while working on their own complex issue. Both emotional and thought provoking, Transparent is a binge-worthy look-see.

Genderqueer+Revised+Cover+Sep+2014From photographer Dave Naz comes Genderqueer: And Other Gender Identities, a photo and essay book that he hopes will contribute to the emerging global conversation surrounding gender identity and the human condition, as well as show that not all individuals fit into the boxes society deems “correct.”

You can purchase Dave’s book here.




 Shift into Neutral 

On Jan. 14, 2014, a federal court of appeals struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order, which was designed to prevent Internet service providers from blocking or slowing users’ connections to online content. The court did not comment on the validity of these rules but simply said that the FCC had used the wrong legal foundation to justify them. If you’re having a hard time understanding net neutrality, here are some porn stars that can help explain.


                                                                                                                        Porn Stars Explain Net Neutrality from Alex Chance



20140413_tom_of_finland_450Stamps Alot!


The late graphic artist Tom of Finland, born Touko Laaksonen, was further cemented as an icon for his contributions to gay art and history thanks to a new a series of stamps. The Finnish postal service, Itella Posti Oy, released the stamps nationwide in September. Here’s hoping these are the kind you get to lick and stick.





Hey You. Get Off of My Cloud.

2014 will probably go down in history as the year of the Hack. Every time we turned around, someone uber-famous was in the news because of  naked photos snatched from their cloud. This past summer, dozens of  A-list celeb’s weren’t immune to some naughty acts of pilferage. As it turns out, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Celebrities are just like everyone even naked. Word of advice though—if you don’t want anyone peeking at your iCloud naughty bits, use a 35 mm or Polaroid instead.

Kate Upton




Big is Beautiful

Pirelli’s annual artwork calendar so notable that it’s referred to colloquially in the press release as just ‘The Cal.’ This year, the 42nd edition of this elite tire-racing-calendar cum nude-supermodel-yearbook has two firsts. It’s the first time that fashion photographer Steven Meisel has shot the calendar, and it’s the first time a plus-size model appeared in its pages. Looking at these images proves that beauty comes does indeed come in all shapes and sizes.  





flirtmojiSexting Got Better

Emoji’s aren’t sexy. They’re simple, tame and accessible icons that work great for when you want to convey a basic emotion. But when it comes to getting your sexting on, they are not that expressive. Winky faces and ice cream cones have their uses, but if you want to be a bit more sexy, you’ll have to use your words. Fortunately, four designers have come up with a solution and they are calling it ‘Flirtmoji’—sexy stickers designed to look like emoji that you can paste into messaging apps as needed.




Yes, There’s an App for That

Looking for an app that can improve your sex life, locate some new positions or just get you laid got easier this year. We’ve rounded up our top 5 picks for the best sex apps of 2014.


kegelThe Kegel Trainer

This is an app that helps you strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. In addition to having health benefits for both men and women, these kinds of exercises can make sex more pleasurable. All sessions are between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long, making this exercise app a good option for people who don’t have much time to train their muscles. The Android version of this app was recently updated. The nice thing about this app is the icon is quite discreet.


ikamaustraI-Kama Sutra

An app that is designed to motivate and inspire couples. With more than 110 beautifully illustrated positions, IKama Sutra features nine categories that explain everything from Spooning to Cowgirl, Doggy Style to the Exotic. Users can track their progress and go from Novice to Grand Master. The places challenge keeps track of where you make love, and the movie sections let you relive positions from your favorite films. Get into the groove of lovemaking with soothing built-in sitar music and let the app find additional positions based on your level of intimacy, complexity and strength.



When robots finally take over the world, their historians will not doubt say that the victory became inevitable the day humans decided to let cell phone be the judge of their sexual prowess. With the Passion app, simply lay your phone on the bed before you start the deed. Passion uses the microphone and motion sensors to evaluate your stamina and activity level. When you’re done, you can post and compare the results with your favorite social media buddies.



We-Vibe 4 Plus

The number 1 couple vibe now has an app. The We-Vibe 4 Plus vibrator lets couples connect in new and exciting ways. Whether they are in the same room or in different countries, the We-Vibe 4 Plus app provides 10 vibration modes which connects directly to the vibe. With a simple push of a button, you can adjust the intensity or create unlimited custom playlists. No sign-in required, this app gives new meaning to long distance relations.


Sex Roulette

If you’re looking for an Android app that will help you spice up your lovemaking, the fun suggestions in Sex Roulette can help you heat things up in the bedroom. This app turns boring sex into a fun game, though it should be noted that this brand-new app does require you to have some additional sexy supplies on hand (such as fruit, candles, a blindfold, etc.)



33_38_arts_airsex01_zLove & Air Sex Championships

The Air Sex Championships are hilarious, raunchy, and so singularly remarkable they defy description. Think air guitar, but with an imaginary sexual partner (or partners) in place of a musical instrument. Entering its sixth year as a nationally touring roadshow, Air Sex combines the pageantry and prestige of sports with the creative arts of storytelling, pantomiming, and improvisation. Beyond that, it’s a show you’ll have to experience yourself to believe.



c6fa930aa9b00706bd9f5aa957a23f855662a717c1848d58f091ea94e8c50df9_large3-D Printed Sex Toys

3D printing is both really cool and oftentimes quite expensive, which is why companies like UPS offer 3D printing services to anyone with a compatible design file and the cash to pay for it. Select UPS Store locations began offering the service several months ago and recently expanded its reach to a further 100 stores. Banned from that list is anything related to guns, weapons, guided missiles or intellectual property.


The good news is that sex toys are not prohibited.  It turns out there’s no rule against requesting the creation of a 3D-printed dildo from your friendly UPS Store employees. Want a set of anal beads, a sleek new butt plug, or maybe even an entire human fist to enjoy in the bedroom? A representative tells us that as far as UPS is concerned, those items are A-OK.



Facial Recognition

To masturbate successfully and tidily, men need both something to jerk it to and something to jerk it into—why not make something that serves both purposes, right? Well now men can satisfy two birds with, well, one tissue. Designer’s Jonathan Courtney and Thomas Viehweger came up with the idea of Spankrags—a box of tissues with beautiful faces printed on them. With Spankrags, facial fanatics can finish on a woman’s face every time! No more negotiating with your lady-friend to get the satisfaction of giving her your best shot. The ladies of Spankrags have mouths agape, ready to receive your whenever you want.  Ten tissues will set you back 12 dollars. And you don’t even need to pick which woman you want. Each box includes ten different ladies!



English Porn Protest

Face-sitting is just one of the sexual practices included on a lengthy list of acts that were banned from web porn sold in the UK in early December. Other actions now off the menu are spanking, caning, aggressive whipping, urinating in a sexual context, physical or verbal abuse, water sports, role-playing as non-adults, fisting, and perhaps most controversially, female ejaculation.  People protesting against the new UK porn laws are taking it sitting down—by face sitting that is. Three days after a face-sitting protest outside Parliament against the new curbs on what can be shown in internet video porn, the Deputy Prime Minister said the new regulations had not got the balance right, and that the state should not invade the privacy of people’s bedrooms. Let’s hear it for face sitting!




mccarthy-tree-emThe Jokes on You

The ‘Tree’ by artist Paul McCarthy was erected in Paris’s upmarket Place Vendôme as part of an international arts festival. The inflatable artwork was intended to represent a the spirit of Christmas but others did not see it that way. Due to its resemblance to an 80′ anal plug, the art installation had apparently offended to sensibilities of a number of Parisians. The artist himself was slapped three times in the face by a passer-by as the artwork was unveiled. After a only one night on display, angry resident’s took the matter into their own hands, and sadly, the Tree was violently attacked and left to languish on the sidewalk. After the ordeal, McCarthy who had once the piece was indeed a Christmas tree, finally admitted that he was partly inspired by the shape of a butt plug.



Spanks for the Memories!

And thanks to all of you, it has been a wonderful year for Liberator. We’ve gone even further in our mission to bring joy to the world, and we can’t wait to show you what is in store for 2015. Thank you for supporting peace, love, and pleasure, and have a sexy new year!