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Snap Happy: 10 Reasons Why Men Send Dick Pics

Life, Love, Sex February 14, 2019

Whatever happened to the good old days, when a gentleman caller would show up at your doorstep and you’d spend hours guessing the size and girth of the monster in his pants. Jane Austin’s book would have been a lot saucier of a read if Mr. Darcy wooed Elizabeth by sending her an engraving of his dick next to an ample-sized apple for scale.

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Year in Sex Review 2018

The Year in Sex Review 2018

Sex December 28, 2018

In and out & up and down! 2018 has turned out to be quiet the year for sex, scandals, and liberation. From the #metoo movement to masturbation to libido liberation to shameless sexual encounters, this year was chocked full of gems!

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