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DotMatrix: The 2016 Liberator Holiday Artist

Art, Beauty, Painting December 2, 2016

His flat surfaces come to life with through his dip & apply method which includes dots, spirals, lines, dashes and circles. This technique creates a raised, tactile surface that is irresistible in its draw. Similar to viewing a Van Gogh, the exuberance and intensity in his application and colors work make it a powerful experience.


Private Dancer: Master the Art of the Striptease

Beauty, Love, Sex August 23, 2016

If the story of Salome has taught us anything it’s that there’s nothing more mesmerizing than seeing a woman slowly peel off layers of clothing and revealing the goodies underneath. Plus, there something to be said for delaying sexual gratification too. A striptease that ends in big rewards—although maybe not someone’s head on a plate—is much more than just gyrating to music and taking off your clothes. It involves some level of performance which can get everyone excited.