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Behind Closed Doors: Ancient Chinese Erotica

Art, Painting, Sex March 2, 2018

At its best, Chinese erotic art is a search for beauty in all it’s facets, for not only does if offer visual stimulation, it provides a source of incredible aesthetic pleasure. Rarely presenting in a pornographic way, the art offers a framework of beauty and harmony, enhanced by profound symbols often found in nature.


Megan Mars: Liberator Valentine’s Day Artist 2018

Art, Painting January 25, 2018

Valentine’s Day is a special time for honing your love language skills. One way to do that is through the inspiration of art. Erotic themed art has a proven appeal for both the artist and the audience. This year, we want to inspire the true spirit of Valentine’s Day with self-taught artist Megan Mars.


Connected Consciousness: Art by Song Nyeo Lyoo

Art, Painting January 16, 2018

What makes Song Nyeo Lyoo special is the suggestion that life, eroticism, nature, and architecture all are interconnected. This is clearly reflected in her decadent paradisal subject matter with the richness of materials she uses. An intricate, multistage process brings together ink, watercolor and gold powder on rice paper and wooden board.


Wholesome to Whoresome: Illustrations by Greg Guillemin

Art, Illustrations, Painting August 18, 2017

If the idea of exploiting our cherished childhood icons like Snow White and turning her into a sex symbol seems outrageous–then you don’t really know the true origins of fairy tales. Instead of blood, gore, and murderous intent, Greg Guillemin offers us a glimpse of a simple life lived ordinary—well somewhat ordinary. In his pop art series, princesses and comic-book heroes come to life on their own terms.