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True Identity: Erotic Art and Illustrations by Nudegrafia

Art, Illustrations May 25, 2018

Did you know Instagram is a primary instrument of delivering #FOMO to the world and is also an incredible source of erotic visual content? Besides the ubiquitous selfies containing blurred nipples & pubes or people who swear by #nofilter—there’s an entire smorgasbord of erotic artists and illustrators sharing their content with the world.

Christiane Shillito

Christiane Shillito: Liberator Holiday Artist 2017

Art, Illustrations December 1, 2017

When searching for this year’s holiday artist we wanted a someone who embodies both sexuality, sensuality and visual strength. An artist who would represent the diversity of our brand through their artistic expression. Christiane Sillito fit the profile. Her work is playfully erotic and sensual and helps spread holiday cheer for everyone to enjoy.


Wholesome to Whoresome: Illustrations by Greg Guillemin

Art, Illustrations, Painting August 18, 2017

If the idea of exploiting our cherished childhood icons like Snow White and turning her into a sex symbol seems outrageous–then you don’t really know the true origins of fairy tales. Instead of blood, gore, and murderous intent, Greg Guillemin offers us a glimpse of a simple life lived ordinary—well somewhat ordinary. In his pop art series, princesses and comic-book heroes come to life on their own terms.