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Watch Porn Together

Porn This Way: Tips for Watching XXX Together

Advice & How Tos, Film, Sex May 8, 2018

The tsunami of porn pouring through our streaming devices is not going anywhere anytime soon. But does that mean we are slipping back into a neanderthal state, only looking for the biggest tits or the money shot? Is porn, outside of those with genuine addictions, really causing the break down of our relationships?


Eye Candy: Sex Museums Around the World

Art, Film, Life, Photography August 31, 2017

Whether you’re looking for something explicit, entertaining or educational, or all of the above, each of the following sex museums have an eclectic mix of pleasurable eye candy. Can’t afford to travel? That’s okay too. Don’t let a little thing like visiting stand in your way. Many of these sex museums have interactive websites that let you indulge in private.


Chick-Flick-Free Valentine’s Day Movie Guide

Art, Film, Love February 2, 2017

They may have their time and place, but Rom Coms are lacking in the imagination department. These stereotypes of dating and romance don’t reflect how myriad and wonderful genuine relationships can be. Instead, consider movies with a different perspective on love and lust. Here are a few romantic movies that are film buff-approved and hot enough to make anyone swoon.


Dirty Does It: Vintage X-Rated Movie Posters

Art, Digital Art, Film September 9, 2016

The only thing that remains from the by-gone era of erotic cinema is a fun and sexy collection of promotional materials. We love them because they remind us of a time when couples would sit and watch an entire adult film, and not just the juicy parts. The plots and characters were throughly developed in order to be, not only sexy, but compelling and funny. Their posters express that spirit of freedom and excess.