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By Adam Gates of NakedHealthy

Naked HealthyIf I yelled, “raise both hands if you want to look good naked,” this entire country would do a collective wave. Everyone wants to look good naked. But somewhere along the way, we tell ourselves it’s genetics, or we’re big boned, or we’ll get to it later—tick-tock, the years go by. Then, one day, we don’t like the reflection in the mirror.

Unfortunately, a lot of us get it confused. We think we can live any way we want—partying, smoking, not getting enough sleep, not dealing with stress, skipping meals, drinking soda’s and juice’s, eating “fake food” and not exercising. Then rushing to buy those expensive creams and shampoos, fancy detoxes, or fat burners in order to get that quick-fix—that temporarily serves as a Band-Aid for our situation.

Here’s what happens. Every time, and I mean, every time, it doesn’t work at first—because we wind up on a binge. For 15 years now, I’ve modeled and battled with food the entire time. I became a professional at skipping meals in the morning because of drinking too much the night before. Then got fast food late at night and topped it off with ice cream. Or, if it was rainy out, I would just eat comfort food all day inside. After skipping meals, I would workout or run my ass off. Thinking that was good enough, I’d go and do all over again.

My eating patterns have been both good and terrible. The thing that ultimately changed my eating habits forever were two important things—my appearance and mood. I learned that as I aged, my eating habits and lifestyle was terrible and so were my pictures and my mood. I changed everything, and then, everything changed.

Want to look good naked? Here’s how I did it with Naked Healthy.

I tried! The entire time I thought that being selective about what I ate and how I lived, eventually turned out to be a long day of thinking—I deserved a treat. That mentality got me the same disappointing results year after year. Since I was tired of being disappointed in myself, that was the first mentality to go out the window.

I found a few pictures that motivated me and hung them inside pantry doors and bathroom mirrors. Every single day, I watched a video by someone who was motivating. I cannot stress the importance of staying motivated—if you have no motivation you have no reason. Personally, I grew to enjoy watching the videos of, monk-like bodybuilder, Kai Greene. I connected with what he had to say, and it kept me focused. When I felt focused, I was able to complete actions that displayed focus. Next thing I knew, there were positive habits developing. Habits, that previously were the land of the unknown.

When we break down and eat something we shouldn’t, it’s like stubbing your toe in a race. So, keep running—don’t stop the race. Don’t binge the rest of the day. Make strong decisions, and soon, self-pride will help propel you.

Once I figured out that eating meant feeling good and looking good, it was like leveling out the wings of a turbulent airplane. Finally, I stopped eating comfort treat foods and started eating for my body. Here’s the breakdown—I cut out dairy, soy, gluten, whole wheat, fast food, energy drinks, soda, fat burners, coffee creamers, candy, cakes, and ANYTHING PROCESSED. My mantra is “don’t eat food with ingredients.”


Just by cutting these things out of my diet, I noticed an amazing change in all my nakedness. Blood flow is far more impressive when your body is not full of toxins. My blotchy skin and tiny spots on my face went away, giving me a more summer-like glow and tightening. The dark circles, that I thought was age, simply vanished.  I never thought I would actually crave fruits, veggies, water and overall clean plant foods.

The more I recognized that the natural food actually gave me sustaining energy and increased mood, I was hooked. I did a green smoothie every morning, then 45 minutes later, enough oatmeal and eggs to fill me up. (Usually 3/4 unflavored topped with local honey, and then 4 eggs.) When hungry at work, I eat sweet potatoes and ground turkey or chicken—rotating between turkey, chicken, and fish as a protein. Then every 7-10 days, grass fed ground beef. As a carb, eating either brown rice or sweet potato was preferable. Of course, I would only drink water and perhaps a cup or two of coffee.

Directly before or after a workout white rice or white potatoes was my mainstay. For essential fats, I ate an avocado every day and started cooking with coconut oil. Almond butter and an Ezekiel bread sandwich with banana and local honey is a delicious favorite.

Is it processed? Does it have ingredients?

Almond butter ought to b almonds and salt. Not a list of things you can’t pronounce. That list is the stuff that is doing terrible things to your body that turn into cancer and fat—as well as making you crave it. All if it is addictive. That’s why I always say go cold turkey. They don’t give recovering addicts drugs for a reason. Knuckle up for five solid days and bare witness to the amazingness that starts to become of your naked body. Once again—drink only water and cup or two of coffee is ok.

You know what makes you want to be more naked? Looking better naked. Switching your diet immediately from unhealthy processed foods and canned drinks—to clean fruits and vegetables and everything else I’ve explained. Within 36 hours, you will notice a difference. But ONLY if you do everything right. You know that doughnut at lunch mixed with some extra cardio just won’t cut it.

The more comfortable you are naked, the better lover you become.

It’s all because you are comfortable in yourself and can let go. I can admit, there’s no better orgasm than a fully immersed one. (The fear’s out the window—hair thrown back—headboard grabber).

Throw in 4-5 days of 40 minutes of mild to strenuous exercise and you are set. Diet is truly 80% of the battle. And motivation is fuel for that battle. So, make the switch. Eat clean. Watch the weight fall off and a more youthful person will emerge—you know the one that you thought was gone forever.
Stay healthy my friends.


From swimming to running to body building Adam has had a life of sports. After 15 years of modeling, he took a 3-year nutritional journey to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. There, Adam founded the holistic and wellness blog NakedHealthy. NakedHealthy is a representation of everything clean living. Clean foods, clean mind, clean spirit. To sum up, the easiest way to live clean, Adam states, “don’t eat foods with ingredients.”

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