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When you think of sexy video games, you’re probably thinking of skimpily clad female characters with giant bouncing breasts. What you may not know is sex and romance in video games have evolved over the years. Don’t get me wrong—the sexy ladies are still filling the screen and bouncing about, but now, there are so many options besides fanservice. NOTE: VIDEOS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!

The Entrepreneur

This sexy video game was a hot commodity back in the day when Blockbuster was the only ‘game’ in town. I’m still not sure how I got my parents to rent it for me, but it sure was fun cutting my gaming teeth on Playboy: The Mansion. The premise was easy—play the man himself, Hugh Hefner, and launch your own version of Playboy Magazine. You start off with nothing—no connections, a tiny house, and one model. You hire a staff and start taking sexy photos and slowly, but surely, the legendary empire starts growing. But sexy magazine photos don’t shoot themselves! In this sexy video game, you are judged on how your sexy content as well as the quality and demographics. Things really start heating up once you are a success. And just like Hef, you get to throw lavish parties with some with the Playmates. Although no one in the game is fully nude, there are some interesting noises and animations that help inspire your dirty artistic mind.

Passions Pick

Moving forward, let’s take a look at the Mass Effect series. Want multiple options for partners? Want to get it on with an alien? Welp, this is the game for you. Overall, the Mass Effect universe gives you 12 different romances options, some spanning over the course of the 3 main games. Then there are a few ending in tragedy (no spoilers here though). There are so many relationship dynamics for each character which is really cool. My personal favorite romance character Garrus Vakarian. He can calibrate me anytime! The amount of writing, emotion, and voice over talent that goes into some of the romances scenes is pretty insane. It’s like getting dragged into a romance novel of sorts. Oh, lest I forget! You even have the option of pursuing same-sex/LGBT relationships. Although Mass Effect was not the first game to include same-sex relationships, it was a sexy video game that sparked a lot of conversation.

Sexy Slayer

The company behind Mass Effect, Bioware, also made the Dragon Age series. This sexy video game is similar to Mass Effect except you can romance fantasy characters like witches, warriors, and elves. Just like Mass Effect, Dragon Age has a number of potential partners, same-sex options/LGBT included. I gave the character Morrigan so many dang gifts trying to get her to love me; it was kind of funny. She is a very tough lady. You can only court her if your character is created to her liking. There are plenty of other romances that are easier in my opinion. Who doesn’t like going after a challenge! Now, in the later games, they have some pretty hot sex scenes. You even have the option of choosing your answers to certain conversations, just like in normal gameplay. The possibilities are endless for having lots of sexy time in the Dragon Age series.

Ladies in Waiting

I can’t forget to mention another one of my favorite sexy video games. The Witcher series has all types of in-game romance possibilities. Now all of these have a lot of cutscenes to go along with the romancing choices you choose to make, as well as some very hot and steamy scenes. There is even one character that will tell you her last wish is to “have her way with you”. You can also be a single man hitting up brothels if that’s your thing. There are two main romances in the third Witcher game, but don’t try to romance them at the same time!

Turning Japanese

Jumping to the other side of the world, we encounter a sexy video game—anime-style. To start off, let’s take a look at True Love Sweet Lies. Who doesn’t love overly sexy drawn men? The Japanese really know how to throw ladies some male fanservice nowadays. Your character is a freelance photographer working in Tokyo. Trying to make ends meet, you’re taking photos and suddenly meeting some of the sexiest men in Japan! Did I mention your life is also on the line? These types of sexy video games are so popular right now. There is a wide variety of romancing options and lots of sexy characters in each game.

Talking about Japan some more, let’s take a look at the company called Illusion. Rendering 3D ladies seems to be their specialty. This company specializes in Eroge (pornographic/hentai) games. Sadly, you can only buy these games in Japan. But for those who are curious, here some sneak peeks inside a few of these sexy video games. Did I mention they are starting to make VR compatible games?

True Sex Appeal

Dead or Alive jumps into my mind right when thinking of sexy video games. I’m sure at some point most of you have seen the company’s bikini babes bouncing around and fighting each other, or playing volleyball in the commercials. Due to some of the game’s content, you can only buy most DOA games in certain countries. You can dress up the characters in risqué outfits, which are pretty cute. This game is ALL about sex appeal and the company has done a great job staying true to its core. Who doesn’t like playing sexy video games where dressing up and fighting to the death is the premise?

Sexy Video Games

There are so many sexy video games out there. These are just the top of the list for me. I’m sure we are going to some very interesting and sexy VR titles come out very soon. So, what is the sexiest video game you’ve ever played? Or better yet, which character do you find the sexiest? Don’t forget to check out loads of Fanfiction surrounding these pairings as well.