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Of all of the moves used by lovers over the years to “set the mood,” playing romantic music is one that has stood the test of time. Certain songs, lyrics, or rhythms can turn any situation from dull to passionate, and each person can easily name a number that has helped inspire greatness in the bedroom. Music has become so linked with lusty acts that the toy industry has taken notice, motivating such brands as OhMiBod to create a line of vibrators that can link with an mP3 player and will vibrate and pulse to the beat of the whatever sensual sounds you choose to play.

Finding the right song for the moment at hand is a hard task, as different moods can require different music. To help flesh out your tantric tracks, the staff at Liberator was asked to spill what song most sways them to strip down. The answers spanned many genres and tempos, with songs ranging from the love-making classics to current hits to underground sensations. The unedited list is below, complete with links so you can get in the mood along with us.

Of course, blaring a ballad during your intimate moments might not be what turns you on. One of our employees didn’t have an answer to our simple poll, stating “I don’t like to listen to music – I like to listen to the girl moan.” Clearly, we supported his answer.

Have fun perusing our playlist to see if you can find your new favorite number!

They Say It’s Wonderful –John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman

Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye

Get Down – Curtis Mayfield

Sweet Thing – van Morrison

Bump N’ Grind – R. Kelly

Loving Cup – The Rolling Stones

Secret Garden – Bruce Springsteen

I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz II Men

I’m Loving You Tonight – Notorious BIG ft. R. Kelly

Gorilla – Bruno Mars

Dance Again – Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

Sail – AWOLNation

Nice and Slow – Usher

Sexy – Black Eyed Peas

Deep Inside of You – third eye blind

Sex is on Fire – Kings of Leon

Talk Show Host – Radiohead

Shiver – Maroon 5

All Shook Up – Avila

Sexy Silk – Jessie J

Stroker Ace – Lovage

Toxic – Yael Naim

Stealth Elf – Kestrel

The Morning – The Weeknd

Angel – Massive Attack

Boléro – Ravel

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