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copyright: phazedArtists are the unsung hero’s who make our world a brighter place. Some of these creatives make art simply because it’s fun, while others get to enjoy an earned living doing what they love the most.  Much like the music industry, most visual artist’s take years, if not decades, working in the hopes their star will rise overnight. A lot of their success is solely dependent on the who’s who of the art world, or what is trending on social media. However, one rock star in the making, Jean Francois Painchaud, is blazing a vivid trail with his sexually explicit rainbow bright GIF’s and is doing it on his own terms.

By day, Painchaud is just another young professional animator for the Canadian PBS, Wild Kratts, making fun and educational material for children. But by night, he steps out from behind the shadows and becomes an art-like superhero and creates innovative and suggestive art all geared for adults using the moniker Phazed. For Painchaud, a hobby of creating inventive, animated GIF’s went full internet famous when Facebook decided to ban several of his illustrations at once. Suddenly, overnight, Phazeds’ social media account blew up with more than 45,000 new followers.

Whenever they take down my art or censor me, I make a big deal out of it, hoping that we might be able to change this culture of incessant censoring over time.

Censorship is a big deal for this artist, but his approach to dealing with it is unique. From his years of practicing Judo, Phazed takes whatever people throw at him, and uses it against them.  For the many naysayers who troll his sites, Phazed continues to produce more explicit work in the hopes of getting them to either change their mind, or simply go away. His message to everyone is that if you don’t like what you see, then simply stop clicking on his page.

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copyright: phazed

No stranger to psychedelic’s, like mushrooms, Phazed uses the inspiration from his experiences to transcend and go beyond the limitations of the ego, and taps into a purer state of consciousness. According to the artist, consuming mushrooms has positively affected his art, and has helped with his struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s not surprising that his psychedelic experiences have guided him to create a visual treat for everyone to enjoy.

copyright: phazed

Reminiscent of another famous artist, Peter Max, Phazeds’ evocative animated GIF’s are even more hypnotic—much like My Little Pony, mixed with Rainbow-Brite, with a gentle sprinkling of erotica. Although most of the highly sexual charged works include couples engaging in playful, intimate moments, Phazed also includes another great passion–cute and cuddly animals. Showing his softer side, Phazed incorporates pets in some of the scenery such rainbow-striped trotting puppies and soft kitty cats snoozing. However, one now famous meme—a man shooting a cat like a super-sonic laser gun as gone viral.


copyright: phazed

copyright: phazed

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of like or loving art, Phazed will undoubtedly keep you entertained and enthralled with his spectacular display of movement, color, and fun.

To learn more about Phazed, visit his amazing site here.  But to see additional sexually explicit images, check out his other site here.