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Photographer Victoria Janashvili has an incredible eye for beauty. She’s probably one of the only female photographers to embrace the idea of including all shapes and sizes in her body of work. After successfully generating enough support and money through a Kickstarter campaign, Janashvili will be releasing an art photography book called “Curves.” Completely crowd funded, this book features a stunning collection of fine art images of models that are beautiful, divine, seductive, sexy, and in all shapes and sizes. Though some consider these women “plus-size,” we think they are a breath of fresh air.

copyright: Victoria Janashvila Curves

This project took years to make, and Janashvili was instrumental in making decisions which represent a diverse group of body types. With a majority of the models painted white, Janashvili is comparing the notion that models are mannequins. This clever approach breaks away from the traditional fashion stereotype that all models must be an ideal height and weight and have a certain look in order to exude sexual energy.

Victoria Janashvili Curves

copyright: Victoria Janashvili Curves

This interesting mix of images does not focus on one particular shape, because as we all know, every “body” is uniquely designed.  Closing the gap between how we look at slender and fat, she captured the vitality of women—some of which are shapely, curvy but all powerfully seductive. Janashvili is quoted as saying that “All the images in that book are aimed to demonstrate the beauty of very different types of women – short and tall, skinny and curvy, black and white – all sharing confidence and comfort in their body.”



Her idea for this project developed from years of working in the fashion industry and constantly hearing the same body issue statements like— too fat, too thin, too short, too curvy, need a diet, or not perfect enough. For Janashvili, it was a turning point in her artistic direction which propelled her to create something more than just “pretty.” Using her talent and status, Janashvili has cultivated a change in perception. She is shifting the body awareness paradigm. So, rather than exploring the exterior of a person, she’s working to examines a deeper inner confidence through the lens of her camera. Plus, her remarkable ability to get women to feel free enough to express themselves while completely naked—makes her a prolific female artist. We are seeing, through her lens, what she see from a woman’s perspective. The final product then allows the viewer to suspend all judgement and look beyond to see the beauty in all female forms.

Victoria Janashvila

copyright: Victoria Janashvila

Victoria Janashvili’s book “Curves” is not just about celebrating the full figured women, it’s giving all of us a healthy dose of booty and providing important messages that, regardless of size, weight, height–the power of sexiness lies within the skin we’re in.

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