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London-based photographer and filmmaker, Nadia Lee Cohen may only be in her mid-20’s, but her mature, and imaginative, combination of photography, fine art, and styling creates nostalgic feeling for the big hair and color that epitomized the 1960’s, and 70’s. Using elaborate props, costumes, and exaggerated make-up, Cohen executes perfectly toned images of the recognizable glamour of post-war Americana and retro Britain. A master at illustrating an era of decadence, Cohen styles all of her subjects [mostly friends] and completes each set by incorporating her own vintage regalia, which she spends plenty of time collecting.

Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia Lee Cohen

Years before she even graduated from the London College of Fashion, much of Cohen’s early work garnered critical acclaim and media attention. It’s no wonder—her sharp eye for detail and titillating imagery is somewhat reminiscent of a time that explored erotic awakenings—XXX theatres and high-gloss, girly mags. A time when color film replaced the ubiquitous black & white, and when motion cameras and projectors became an affordable luxury—most likely, spawning a new generation of filmmakers and moviegoers. Cohen successfully blends highly saturated elements with a bit of corporate culture; creating a hyperbolic twist between the age of advertising and erotica.

Nadia Lee Coehn Nadia Lee Cohen

Eye-popping and delightful, Cohen is unapologetic when it comes to her photographic style. She has a quirky personality that consists of painting her face blue and writing indecent messages on birthday cakes. So, instead of following the crowd, and being paid to produce the typical fashion editorial content (wrought with skinny models and unattainable standards) Cohen prefers to craft single images that spin with spectacular sexual charged fantasy. Her mature and unique reference points are a clever concoction of a pseudo-suburban utopia, mixed with glamourous, strong female characters which are the centerpiece within a theatrical setting. The result is well-balanced visual feast of the modern sex-positive female.

Nadia Lee Cohen Nadia Lee Cohen

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