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Brian Cattelle — How It All Began

Artistic inspiration can strike at any time and come from anywhere. For photographer Brian Cattelle, it all began with a streaming shaft the light. It was a hot and humid day in Florida and Cattelle found himself exploring a dilapidated building with a friend. In between the crumbling concrete and floating dust filaments, Cattelle was struck by the light. Almost like magic, a beam of light caressed the jagged and decaying structure making it look almost soft and alluring, yet foreboding. Then it hit him—“what if I add a nude model into the mix.” With a fire in his belly and a camera in hands, Brian Cattelle loaded his car and set off on a cross-country journey. And this is how BARE-USA was born.

Bare USA Brian Cattelle


Looking at Cattell’s work I’m reminded of the Route 66 song lyrics. I can see him winding around the country making stops in Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and as far away as Hawaii. Locating the abandoned structures is not an easy endeavor. So, Brian Cattelle relies on a network of fans and friends which help him locate the buildings and structures off the beaten path. Once there, his adventurous and extremely brave models follow him through the maze of long-forgotten buildings and strip naked. The journey for Cattelle “is about rejuvenating some of the places past glory by injecting natural beauty.”

Bare USA Brian Catelle

Brain Cattelle Imagery

There is something mysterious about the photographs from Brian Cattelle. His collection of black & white photographs are both stirring and alluring. But what makes his work so special is their crispness. Weaving the natural beauty of nude models in with man-made decay, each image is super sharp and multilayered. With some of his images, it’s like playing an erotic game of “Where’s Waldo.” You have to search hard locating the model as she is cleverly hidden within the narrative. This makes looking at his work all the more interesting because every time you will see something new and fresh.

Bare USA Brian Cattelle

The Bare USA Collector’s Edition Book

Brian Cattelle released his long-awaited collector’s edition book earlier this year. Completely self-published, BARE USA is filled with 150 spellbinding black and white images. Each set of images is highlighted with stories from the road. Measuring in at 14″ x 9.5″, the hardcover book comes signed and numbered and also includes a certificate of authenticity.

BARE USA Brian Catelle

Thinking Digital

Recognizing that not everyone can get their hands on the hardcover book, Brian Cattelle decided on releasing a limited digital version. It’s just like the real thing but is made instantly available on any device. This includes SmartTV’s, desktop computers, phones, and tablets. The high-resolution images are just as crisp and clean as the book and are specially prepared for you and numbered. What I love about the digital version of BARE USA is each state is hyperlinked to the corresponding images.

BARE USE Brian Cattelle

Bare USA Brian Catelle