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PeachesMeet Peaches

Peaches is a mohawk-sporting, crotch-rubbing musical agitator and cultural provocateur. Sweet and juicy, her musical live performances are productions that have a tendency to ruffle a lot of tail feathers. Peaches is ballsy. Her gender-bending identity contains a smooth mix of sexual imagery and John Waters.


Her unique sense of style pushes gender-norms and boundaries typically. Peaches is not afraid of experimenting with her looks. She wears strange costumes fashioned from breasts or outfits reminiscent of a glamorous Mexican Wrestler. Her inspiration for makeup comes from the ancient art of Kabuki Theatre.

That’s Entertainment!

Setting the costumes aside, the secret weapon for Peaches is her colorful vocal range and powerhouse singing voice. Her ultimate goal is cultivating a style that will make people listen to the music and lyrics. Her over-the-top live shows are vivid, loud, and entertaining.

The Pirate

Peaches’ prefers having ample recovery time between albums. According to the singer, it allows her to get those “extraneous ya ya’s out” and expand on the creativity. Her last album, Peaches Does Herself, was turned into a movie, which toured with 70 music festivals around the world. Having over-the-top live performance with dancers and large sets is not necessarily her cup of tea. She enjoys performing like a pirate. “Now you see me, now you don’t kind of thing.”

Getting Naked

Empowering people is what Peaches is really good at doing. Lyrically, she uses the way people speak and puts her own twist on things. Creating a new kind of clichés, her music is unpredictable and funny. “Face down, dick up, that’s my command. Take it like a real woman, not Ayn Rand.” Now residing in Berlin, Peaches is appreciated by her European audience. The American bookers for festivals are afraid to book her because they fear she will get naked.