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What comes to mind when thinking about advancements in technology and design? For most of the population, they probably don’t immediately think of the sex industry. It is the most overlooked category contributing the most advancements in technology and design. Remember the VCR? Well, you can thank the porn industry for that one!

Sexual Revolution

Thankfully, we now live during a time where openly discussing and exploring sexual desire is the new social norm. Sex is being fortified with a plethora of hook-up Apps such as Tinder, Grindr, Blendr, and Whiplr, just to name a few. This groundbreaking technology is also leading sex toy manufacturers to up the ante with innovative concepts. Designs so sophisticated that it is changing the sexual landscape for the better. By the looks of it, we are in the midst of a High Tech Sexual Revolution.

Erotic objects have become more than just props; they are an essential component to turning our bedrooms into customizable sexual playgrounds for experimenting with virtually any want and desire.

Objects of DesireInstant Gratification

Instead of recreating the same old shapes, designers are developing products catering to a more diverse and hungry market. Nowhere is it more apparent than in Objects of Desire: A Showcase of Modern Erotic Products and the Creative Minds Behind Them.

Released in early 2016, Objects of Desire is a book offering insight into the increasing advancement of sex toys. At 271 pages, this hefty book features “beautifully crafted objects,” which includes sex toys, wearable art, and accessories. From high-tech gadgets to handcrafted art pieces, Objects of Desire includes a stunning array of photographs and accompanying narrative from leading manufacturers and designers from around the globe—including Liberator’s stunning Esse Chaise.


Light Years Ahead

Objects of Desire is thoughtfully laid out and offers information about an industry which can be challenging to navigate. Interviews with industry leaders, designers, and bloggers are included within each chapter. Instead of being just another sex manual, this books includes human interest stories. We get to know key designers and understand the reasoning behind certain designs. My particular favorite section, written by Carol Queen, PhD., is the Introduction: Sex Toy Revolutions. Concisely written, she gives a brief historical tour on sex toys while leading us to why the future of sex toys is so vital to our sexual health. Queen explains that toys don’t just miraculously show up on storeroom shelves. Each and every pleasure product we see and experience is always well planned and executed.

The Break Down

Objects of DesireEach section takes us on a journey from Remote & App Controlled Toys to Kegel Exercisers to Vibrators to Wearable Fashions to Cock Rings & Anal Toys to Male Strokers to BDSM Toys. The objects showcased in each chapter provides the name of the product, release date, website, and product copy. Objects of Desire is inspiring and may even offer a creative spark for future designers. The minimal graphics cuts down on the clutter and lets each product shine. It is a thrill flipping through each section and learning more about product development. But even more impressive, is seeing that women are leading and changing the perception of the sex toy industry.

A Center Piece

Objects of Desire is filled with elegant objects meant for inspiring the libido. The editors did a great job of steering the book away from raunchiness by highlighting products that are easy to use and access. The dust jacket lends a tone of mystery. You’ll feel like opening it up! Simple text and an image of a woman’s cleavage insinuates the erotic without being overt. This book can be placed on a coffee table without being offensive. The interior product images are a delightful source of eye candy. I like the fact the copy for each product is not about selling the product and more about how it benefits the end-user.

New Sexual Horizon

Objects of DesireThe hottest topic these days is sexual wellness and sex positivity. Major retailers such as Target, Walgreens, and Brookstone (and more) are even getting in on the lucrative action. This means more people are being exposed to the concept of taking control of their own sexual health. Objects of Desire not only shares innovative design, they also recognize how this once shunned industry is becoming a part of our social fabric. The writers were selective with this project by offering products for everybody. A personal favorite is a story on the Semenette by Berman Innovations. The creators share how their experience lead them to develop a product that is life-changing for same-sex couples.

Objects of Desire is a great resource for anyone who wants to understand the sex toy industry. Better yet, it gives readers the chance to pick products with cutting edge technology. Who knows, it even may spark something you’ve been thinking about for years. It’s never too late to be a part of leading the change to greater pleasure.

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