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Nudegrafia is a pervert! Well…that’s what it says on their Instagram profile. Nudegrafia is also monogamous and happily married! But here’s the interesting part—Nudegrafia is autonomous. We don’t know much about their location, influences, background, profession, education, and most importantly, gender. Other than having a social media account, this erotic illustrator has no other details available online. Hiding behind a moniker lets us view the art through an unfiltered lens because this artist never reveals their true identity.

Nudegrafia Nudegrafia Nudegrafia nudegrafia

Nudegrafia & Instagram

Did you know Instagram is a primary instrument of delivering #FOMO to the world and is also an incredible source of erotic visual content? Besides the ubiquitous selfies containing blurred nipples & pubes or people who swear by #nofilter—there’s an entire smorgasbord of erotic artists and illustrators sharing their content with the world. Nudegrafia is one of many artists capturing love, lust and everything in between the cheeks. Yet, they keep it classy without shying away from exploring the more sensual side of life.


Nudegrafia Nudegrafia Nudegrafia Nudegrafia Nudegrafia



We love how this illustrator juxtaposes bright splashes of color with the black and white figures who form the main characters in the disjointed stories woven across their Instagram profile. The mix of emotion is what you should go to Nudegrafia’s account for – the erotic art goes beyond single images and creates larger picture filled with wonderful vignettes.




nudegrafia nudegrafia nudegrafia


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