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When it comes to sex, it’s important to set just the right kind of scene. And what better way to do so than by using music to enhance the experience. Music can help the mood take on a slightly different hue—it can liven things up or slow things down. Choose wisely: the kind of music you opt for sets the tone for your lovemaking. If your music is too sentimental and you are looking to bang one out, you’ll run the risk of erupting into laughter rather than pleasure. If the tunes are faster than a jackrabbit and you are looking to spend a romantic evening with your honey, the fun may be over sooner than expected.

Don’t worry because we have you covered. Here are some playlists we created to inspire the just the right mood.


Flavor Savored

Oral sex is an event that should be slow and methodical. There’s no rushing when you’ve got these sexy beats playing softly in the background.

Keep the Rhythm

If you like to chill out and go through various speeds and tempos while doing the deed, then this soundtrack will serve to give exactly what you’re looking for. This music, along with a good bottle of wine, can turn your session into something hypnotic.

Afternoon Delight

Looking to get it on during lunchtime? This music list can quickly put you in a more rowdy and energetic mood. The sexier you feel, the more sexy the whole throw down becomes.

Necessary Roughness

The great thing about music is that it usually comes with lyrics. So, if there is something dirty that you want to say without having to verbalize it, just say it with these songs.

Dangerous Terrain

Music greatly contributes heightening the senses during sexual exploration. If you’re the type who enjoys trying new things, why not put on these beats to show your mate what you’re really made of.

Sweet Reams

When you’re in the mood for anal sex, you’ll want to take things slowly, especially in the foreplay department. This is the kind of music that can make anyone feel sexy to move into penetration with ease.

Got other ideas for mood music? Leave your suggestions in the comments!