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Social acceptance and our love for celebrity cult status symbols have completely altered the sex toy landscape. So, it’s not surprising that companies are coming forward with elegant designs catering to a more refined taste in pleasure. Way ahead of the pack is the award-winning team of glass artisans at Liberator GlassWorks. They have created the world’s most exquisite erotic designs in luxury sex toys. Thanks to their brilliance and artistic ingenuity, luxury sex toys are becoming more functional and fashionable.

Luxury Sex Toys: An Investment in Pleasure

Luxury products have always had distinct characteristics not available in most mass-market products. Spending money on something expensive (or exclusive) feels completely different than a regular, everyday purchase. And luxury sex toys are no different. You’re not just buying something of high-quality, you’re also investing in an experience. And it’s the experience that sometimes money can’t always buy. With Liberator GlassWorks you’re getting the best of both worlds. Each piece is of the finest materials, is built to last, and is strikingly superior to other luxury sex toys. So, instead of for tucking your toys away, you can feel proud in displaying the wealth of pleasure they provide.

Designing for Your Pleasure

Liberator GlassWorks Luxury Sex ToysBecause Liberator GlassWorks does use mass market molds or assembly lines, creating a sex toy can take weeks. It takes a team of dedicated artisans who go through the design process to developing the overall shape to sculpting the fine details. The chief designer at Liberator GlassWorks employs a team; each of which has specific skills and talents for creating luxury sex toys. For instance, the glass dildo artist works only with the production of phallically shaped products, while the butt plug artist focuses on making anal toys. Every artist is the master at creating one-of-a-kind, high-quality, seamless pleasure tools.

Making luxury accessible to discerning tastes and styles is what Liberator GlassWorks does best. Some of the collection’s luxury sex toys are smooth, nubby, bulbous, or chubby. More than just a show-piece, these luxury sex toys let you experience authentic and unique pleasure only mere mortals can only dream.

Solid State of Ecstasy

There is a reason why luxury sex toys are not cheap. Every piece in the Liberator GlassWorks collection is a work of art, hand-made from Bohemian borosilicate glass imported from the Czech Republic. This type of glass was invented in Germany during the early part of the 20th Century and is commonly used in medical laboratories and kitchens.

The solid glass rods eventually end up as luxury sex toys consisting of prostate stimulators, dildos, anal plugs and spectacular scepters. Using solid glass helps with creating different sensations. Depending on your mood, these luxury sex toys can be chilled, frozen, warmed or even boiled. Another advantage of glass is it’s non-porous. Since glass does not absorb fluid, your expensive bottle of lubricant will last much longer.

Luxury Sex Toys Coming into Shape


The master craftsmen at Liberator GlassWorks go beyond creating just another collection of luxury sex toys. They make sure every piece possesses museum-like quality and is built for years of passionate play. Every piece shaped or bent goes through a 12-hour  “annealing” (curing) process. The slow cooling process helps prevent internal fractures or stress. This process is an essential part of the longevity and durability of each toy. Then, each toy is placed into a temperature-controlled kiln, known as a lehr, and taken almost back to a melting point and incrementally cooled. Because all the parts are completely fused into a single solid work, this is what gives the glass its strength and luster.

“I want each user to have a multi-sensory experience—not just with their body but also visually.” —Liberator’s Master Glass Artist

Happily Ever After

Liberator GlassWorks Luxury Sex Toys

There’s really nothing like owing and using luxury sex toys—whether solo or with a partner. Not only do they help feed the fantasy, they help tickle your fancy too! When using a Liberator GlassWorks toy be prepared for something uniquely hand-made and something that no one else will own. And isn’t that what luxury is all about anyway?

See the entire collection here. 

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