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Lusty Lit 2018: Birthday Sex

It seemed like just another day.  We usually don’t have big celebrations for birthdays but this was different.  It was my 30th and my wife was planning something special.  She’s not very good at keeping secrets so I already knew about dinner plans.  The dinner was great but to my surprise she planned a hotel night for two, at least that’s what I thought.

We arrived at the hotel, which was a very swanky downtown hotel.  We entered the lobby and shockingly enough, she already had the room key.  We walked right past the front desk straight to the elevator. The door opened and we walked in.  She dropped her overnight bag on the ground and we began making out. Damn, it was hot. This was not like her, she’s usually the tame one and I’m the one initiating our sexual adventures.

While making out, she rubs her hand over my pants and whispered to me, “I’m loving your bulge right now.”  The elevator bell rang and the door opened; we arrived at our floor. My hearts were racing as we left the elevator and walked down the hall to our room.  We opened the room door and I saw our Black Label Flip Stage already on the bed with cuffs and a blindfold on the nightstand.

“Damn Honey, I see you’ve already been here…” I say.  We often play with restraints but this was different, she was planning the adventure for us.  She pushes me onto the edge of the bed and started slowly unbuttoned my shirt and continues down to my jeans.  My cock is very hard now and as she unzipped my pants, it springs out. I’ve never seen her like this before and wow, I’m turned on.  You could see the excitement in her eyes too as she smiled and kneeled down to the floor.

She slowly slid my pants down and started kissing my thigh while moving up to my groin.  I was nervous yet eager and my cock was already dripping with pre-cum. She takes her time kissing all around.  Now moving to the base of my cock, I’m watching with anticipating as her tongue moves from the base to the tip. She slowly licks the pre-cum off and then takes me into her mouth.  I can’t help but deeply moan. She then grabs my hand to moves it to the back of her head. She’s now moaning her head bobs up in down but she stops, looks up to me and says, “Honey, guide me while I’m sucking.”  She then moves back down and begins sucking again. I’m now leading her, holding her softly yet firmly with my fingers interlaced through her hair.

I’m now getting close and tell her, “Honey, I’m about to cum” and to my surprise, she doesn’t stop.  I’m squeezing my pelvic muscles trying not to cum but she keeps sucking. Holy shit, I start cumming and she’s still sucking.  I feel a huge rush all over my body as I cum in her mouth.

I fall back onto the bed while gasping for air.  The huge release took my breath away and my cock is throbbing with pleasure.  “Honey that was amazing,” I tell her. She responds with a devilish look on her face, “That was only the beginning and now we’re going to play…” She grabs the cuffs off the nightstand and places them on my wrists and ankles and attaches them to the Stage.  Now she places the blindfold over my eyes and tells me, “Honey, you just lay here and I’ll be right back.” I hear the door open and she walks out of our room and I’m now eager with anticipation.

The door open back up and I hear her hush somebody but I don’t think much of it.  There’s now shuffling and I hear clothes hitting the floor. There’s movement on the bed and someone all of a sudden straddles my face.  My wife tells me, “Honey, begin eating…” so I gladly oblige and start licking and sucking the pussy on my face. It was obvious to me that it was her based on her taste and damn, was she wet!  Her juices are dripping down my face and I’m loving life right now. I’m so in the moment that I forgot that something weird happened earlier, she hushed someone at the door. As I’m eating my wife’s pussy, someone puts their hands on my thighs.  It wasn’t my wife and to my surprise, that someone starts sucking my cock. Holy shit, I have my wife face fucking me and now I’m getting my cock sucked, again! After a couple minutes of this, I’m getting close but all of a sudden, whoever was sucking my cock immediately stops and my wife jumps off my face.  I hear whispering and now the sound of what I think is a condom wrapper tearing.

I was right and I feel a hand unrolling the condom onto my cock. There’s more movement on the bed now and in sync, two girls sit on my cock and my face at the same time.  It’s a new pussy on my face and now I’m getting fucked. They’re both really into it and their moaning is getting louder.

Now I’m getting close, “Fuck, you girls are going to make me cum again.  Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!!, I’m cumming!!!” I yell but my voice was muffled by the pussy on my face.  Instantly, the girl sitting on my face starts to orgasm from the vibrations of my voice and my wife is now cumming too.  Everyone is getting off at the same time….

The girl rolls off my face and my wife hops off my cock.

“Alright Emily, thank you for swinging by,” my wife says and I hear the door close.  It was her best friend…

My wife starts taking the restraints and blindfold off me and says, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”


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