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Lusty Lit 2018: A Mutual Addiction

We were bad for each other. He consumed me just as much as I consumed him. We had only met online prior to tonight. It started out innocently enough. We merely flirted and chatted about our day. It was never supposed to turn into something serious. We just wanted a bit of companionship between dates. However, there was an undeniable sexual attraction building between us as we got to know each other. I daresay I had more fun on our virtual dates with him than my real ones. One day, we decided to fool around online. We both came at the same time even though we were miles apart. I had to see him. My friends thought I was crazy for wanting to fly out to him. Maybe I was crazy, but we were spending day and night with each other in the virtual world. The fact we were rejecting real time dates meant we should at least give us a shot. Why not? Jake said he would have something special waiting for me.

I was nervous as I stepped off the plane. My eyes searched for him in the lobby. When we spotted each other, it felt like the world stopped for a moment. He looked even more handsome in person. When we approached each other, I was not sure if I should shake his hand or hug him. After all, we had already seen each other naked. Instead, I found myself locking lips with my virtual lover. He called us a cab. I felt like a young woman again as we made-out in the backseat. We could barely keep our hands off each other as we made our way up the stairs to his apartment.

As soon as he unlocked the door, I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to the bedroom. Jake set me down on the edge of the bed. Next to me was my surprise. It was a Liberator Black Label Ramp. Attached to the ramp was a pair of cuffs for the wrist and legs. I swallowed the hard lump in my throat. Jake kissed me on the forehead.

“You can trust me,” Jake said.

I smiled. “I never doubted you for a second.”

We undressed each other with our eyes before actually removing our clothes. My hard nipples grazed against his bare chest. His stiff erection rubbed against my inner thigh. I decided it was time to test out my surprise. I got on my hands and knees. My ass was arched in the air, easily accessible. He locked my wrist in the cuffs before strapping my ankles down. I was completely vulnerable to him. I gasped as I felt his tongue probe my yearning hole. I moaned as I heard him unwrap a condom. My juices trickled down his chin as he prepared himself. His hands gripped my hips.

I felt myself opening up to him as he pushed into me. Every single inch was stretching me out. He grunted from my tightness. Jake quivered once he was all the way inside. I bit my bottom lip as he started pumping into me. We both moaned as we finally were able to enjoy each other’s bodies for real, flesh against flesh. He reached around and had a small vibrator on his finger. My clit became sensitive as he started to massage me. I tried to squirm away as the pleasure became more intense but the cuffs held me firmly in place. I gasped as I squeezed around his manhood.

A firm hand smacked my ass. I yelped in surprise, but I enjoyed the feeling of his rough hand against my smooth bottom.

“Spank me harder,” I demanded.

He smacked my other ass cheek. “Tell me how much you have been wanting this.”

“Jake….” My voice caught in my throat before I mustered up some courage. “I have been wanting to fuck you the first time we spoke. I knew if we did not have sex right away when I finally met you, it is all I would be thinking about.”

He grunted. “Yes! Fuck yeah, I have felt the same way.”

“Give me more!” I exclaimed.

Jake spanked me more. I could feel my tender ass start to burn. There was a mixture of pain and pleasure. So many emotions swirled within me. It was surreal to believe this was actually happening. This online mutual addiction finally became a reality. He grabbed a fistful of brunette and yanked my head back. His teeth sank into my shoulder before he rained kisses down my back. I felt that I was his, that he was mine, and at this moment, we belonged to each other.

He pumped into me harder and faster. My moans became screams as I reached an intense orgasm. Jake shuddered and came. He slipped out leaving me empty and yearning for more. He released me from the confines of the cuffs and kissed me. Both of us rested upright against the liberator ramp. There would be so many other positions we could have fun in. However, as our bodies recovered, we decided to order in and get to know each other now that the months of sexual had finally been resolved.


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