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I loved our monthly block parties. The naked flesh. The erect cocks. The wet pussies. All the Liberator furniture.

I was doing my favorite thing, being the party’s fluffer, in my favorite position, riding a Liberator Pulse toy mount with a dildo in my cunt and a vibrator buzzing the whole thing. I had just cleaned up Gary’s dick after he fucked Alice. I was expecting Alice to come over and smear her full cunt all over my face, but she was still sprawled across a Liberator Ramp. Nancy was between her legs with her ass in the air, inviting Bob to take her from behind.

Nancy’s husband, Dean, wearing nothing but an Oxballs Cock Lock, was being led over to the Obier Spanking Bench by Tom and Fred, one on each arm. Dean was putting up a struggle for show, but he loved to take it in the ass, just like I loved taking it in the mouth. I had about my sixth orgasm as Tom and Fred locked Dean in place.

Tom’s wife, Carol, was standing by. She was dressed in a corset with half cups that left her D-cup tits on a shelf. She was wearing a large purple double-ended strap-on cock. Carol had her arm around Robin’s waist. She smiled at Robin and said, “I’m going to give Dean what he wants, but you need to warm him up first.”

Robin, wearing only a pair of thigh-high high-heeled boots and wielding a Liberator Leatherworks flogger, smiled back. “Oh, I’ll get his ass nice and red for you, as soon as Fred and Tom are finished.”

Fred was at Dean’s head, his erect cock standing out. “You need to thank us.” Dean whimpered and opened his mouth.

Since Dean couldn’t suck them both, Tom came over to me and I was happy to do him. He had the longest cock in the neighborhood and tasted really great. Tom reached down and squeezed one of my boobs hard as he came in my mouth.

As he thanked me and moved away, I saw that Dean had finished Fred. Carol smacked Robin’s butt and pushed her towards Dean. Robin started swinging her flogger, landing a lot of blows on Dean’s ass and upper thighs.

I turned my attention to the other side of the room. My husband Bill was sprawled on a Liberator Esse. He was blindfolded. Fred’s wife Fran and her twin sister Flo had been taking turns fucking him. At the moment, one of them — I think Fran — was sitting on Bill’s face, and the other — I think Flo — was riding his cock. As I watched, Fran leaned across and kissed her sister as she bounced up and down.

Closer to me, Dean was groaning from Robin’s punishment. She took a break and held out a hand. Tom handed her a bottle of lube. She started smearing it in Dean’s crack. I saw Robin’s fingers start to work into him. Dean was begging now. So Robin finished with three quick strokes of the whip between his legs.

Carol took her place behind Dean, who was still whimpering. I could make out his words, “Oh, please, oh, please.”

By now, Nancy had finished cleaning up Alice and Bob had filled her. Alice pushed Bob down on the Ramp and started getting him hard again with her boobs. Nancy broke away from them and came over to me for her own cleanup.

She always tasted really good, and Bob’s cum just flowed into my mouth. Nancy started shaking as I got to her clit, and she grabbed the back of my head to masturbated against my tongue. I loved it and rocked myself to another orgasm of my own. As Nancy screamed, her knees gave way and she fell in front of me.

We turned and saw Carol up Dean’s ass. As Nancy watched her husband being pegged, She rolled one of my nipples between her fingers and she kissed me. She started to finger herself as we watched Robin demand a pussy licking from Dean.

While Robin was getting attention, her husband Bob was hard again thanks for Alice. She dragged Bob by the cock to the Liberator Zeppelin against the wall. Robin’s other husband Josh was waiting for them.

Nancy said to me, “Alice is in for it now.” I knew it. Bob and Josh were experts at double penetration, one of Robin’s favorite pleasures. And the Zeppelin was a great playground for it.

Nancy and I started fondling each other as we watched all the action. Alice had a cock in her ass and one in her cunt, making lots of happy squeals. Fred was moaning loudly into Flo’s (maybe Fran’s) pussy as his prick spurted into Fran (or maybe Flo).

But Nancy and I couldn’t stop watching Robin fuck Dean’s face, while Carol fucked his ass. Nancy said Dean had been wearing the Cock Lock for a week. “I told him if he put on a good show tonight I’d take it off him and he could fuck someone.”

Dean kept screaming around Robin’s pussy, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Carol was clearly enjoying herself with the end of the dildo in her own cunt fucking her back. Robin grabbed Dean’s head and came all over his face as Carol yelled out her own orgasm.

The sound pushed Nancy and me over the edge, too, from our mutual fingering. She said, “I guess he deserves to come out of that Cock Lock. Do you want his cock?” Since I’d sucked every other cock at the party that evening. but hadn’t had one in my cunt, of course, I said yes.

So that’s how I finished the evening as the clock struck midnight: ass propped up on a Wedge, with a desperate and relieved Dean pounding into me while Nancy licked my tits, cheered on by our neighbors.

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