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I pull the door closed behind me and trigger the lights. I’m alone, just as I expected to be. That’ll change once he arrives. But for the moment, it’s just me and the room. The ‘Liberating Room.’

My first night here, I felt anything but liberated. I was collared, cuffed, and restrained, sometimes all at once. My only job was to obey; to follow instructions, to cum only when told to, to accept punishment without question. To say I doubted Master’s chosen name for this space would have been an understatement.

But as I look around the room now, nearly a year after that first encounter, I realize it’s a perfect name for what happens in here. These last months have freed me like never before. The naive, curious girl who once wondered what any of the ‘playthings’ in here did, or why a safeword was so important, is gone. Now tonight, the only question I have is which one of these delectable toys Master will choose to indulge in first.

I begin to slowly walk the room, my mind already fantasizing all manner of sultry answers to that question. So many good choices, so many orgasms to be had…

First stop, the Zeppelin. I like to call it Zepp for short. It still reminds me of the bean bag chair I had in college, but that old vinyl lump has nothing on this jet black beauty. It really feels like cloud nine – especially when Master rewards me with the chance to climb on top, push him down into Zepp’s soft embrace, and ride him until I explode.

Or perhaps we’ll start with something a little bit smaller. I step past the Zeppelin and slowly drag my hand over the Hipster’s curves. I’ve grown quite fond of this piece, actually; comfortable, seemingly endless positioning, and the angles it provides… Memories of our last session fill my mind—me draped over the Hipster, legs bound high and tight while he plunges his thick rod in and out of me. Let’s just say that I’ll never hear the word ‘drawbridge’ again without getting incredibly wet.

Actually—I slide a hand inside of my lace panties and immediately feel the dampness that’s building between my thighs. Mhmm… Looks like I’m halfway there already. My free hand slides up and under my purple babydoll to squeeze my breast just as my fingers take a quick detour across my already moist outer lips.

Where are you, Master? Your pet is nearly ready to play.

Despite my body’s yearning for more attention, I continue. My eyes sweep to the far corner of the room, where the stage has been set. Literally.

The Flip Stage is a recent addition to Master’s playroom, but it’s already proven extremely versatile. The first time we used it, I found myself flat on my back, arms and legs splayed wide and wrapped in red silk bindings—and a vibrating egg happily buzzing away inside of me. How many orgasms was it that night? Four? Five? More? Whatever the count was, I passed Master’s challenge, because I definitely remember the mouthful of cum I received as a reward.

Next to the Flip Stage, I see its devious partner, the Esse, and I can’t help but lie down on it for a moment. I let my body slip into its familiar curves and I’m instantly taken back to a particular night about a month ago, when Master used the Flip-Stage as a riser for the Esse. He said it was an early birthday present for me, a extra reward for my steady progress as his pet.

And what a present it was.

The extra height eliminated our natural height differences, and Master took full advantage; licking, sucking, caressing every inch of me. Even now I can still feel his hands around my breasts while his tongue explored every inch of my inner walls. I spread my legs further and raise them up toward my head, and I can see him there again; his chiseled frame plastered against me, his weight holding my legs back and fully exposing my core to him.

I let my eyes close and rapidly surrender to the sultry memories. First one, then two fingers slip inside my already soaked cunt while my other hand frees my breasts from their satiny confinement. I can see it so clearly now – my naked body writhing in pleasure as he presses my every button at once. His fingers teasing my puffy nipples into rock hard nubs, his tongue dancing with my own while his cock pushes deeper into me with every slow, methodical stroke.

My fingers find my swollen clit right as he begins to quicken the pace. I feel his arm wrap around my back and I know he’s getting close. I push back into the Esse and buck my hips against him, drawing him in to the hilt. An almost feral growl escapes him, so I wrap my legs around his back and buck into him again and again.

My other hand joins in for the finale. One finger flicks my clit while two, then three more plunge into me over and over. What little control I have left melts under a tidal wave of adrenaline and unfiltered lust as we race each other to the edge.

Fuck me, Master. Faster. Harder. Yes yes yes yes– Aahn! Aahn! Right there! D-don’t stop!

We lock eyes and I push as hard as I can.


He yells my name and my world explodes around me. I cry out in ecstasy as fire races through my body, filling me, claiming every part of me. My entire body shakes as I ride wave after wave of pleasure.

Mhmm… thank you, Master.

“For what, my pet?”

My eyes flutter open and I see him standing over me with the familiar black collar in hand.

“I haven’t even touched you yet.”