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Warning: Yowza!


Our new Liberator Flip-Ramp had arrived. It was our first Liberator shape purchase and I knew what I wanted to do with it that night. Excitement and desire coursed through me. I glanced at my husband across the table a blush stealing over my face. A hot coal of desire settled deep in my belly. He had to know something good was coming. I had been teasing him throughout dinner: running my foot up and down his calf under the table, licking my lips and sucking suggestively as I enjoyed my phallic shaped vegetables. I kept the conversation on mundane subjects fighting the urge to rip off my clothes and attack him at the dinner table.


It was my turn to clear up dinner so he made it to the bedroom before me. I walked in on him standing naked studying the Flip-Ramp. It was in its folded position and though we had talked about purchasing it not long before I could tell he was slightly perplexed. “Hey sexy,” I whispered hotly in his ear as I slid my fingertips down his shoulders and back, then gave him a playful slap on his ass as I sauntered to the bed to pull down the covers.


“What is this for?” I didn’t have to look up at him to know he was asking about the flip-ramp. “Oh lots of things, don’t you remember? We talked about getting this.” Suddenly comprehension dawned on his face, he swallowed excitedly and I could see his member swelling. “Oh yeah, that’s right. So what do you have planned? You’ve been driving me batty all evening. Do you wanna use it tonight?” His voice was suggestive, full of desire, it made my insides melt with passion.


I couldn’t hold back, I walked to him pushing him to sit on the folded ramp. I straddled his lap and grabbed his face in my hands pulling his mouth on mine and invading him with my tongue. I stroked his tongue with mine, then pulled out slightly to run it over his lips. His hands found their way up my back and into my hair; deepening our kiss following my lead and sending his tongue in to explore my mouth. My hands kneaded his shoulders, then I broke the kiss and nibbled my way across his jaw line up to his ear. I grabbed his earlobe between my teeth and bit down, he moaned into my neck. His hands were suddenly on my body, sliding over my t-shirt, reaching forward to stroke my full breasts through the thin fabric. My nipples were hard with desire, aching for his touch. With great impatience I reached down to my hem and pulled off the last layer keeping his mouth off of me. I groaned in pleasure as his mouth found one nipple and his hand the other. He sucked and tugged and I could feel myself dripping with desire.


Panting I pushed him away, grabbed the ramp and unfolded it onto our bed. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to me as I peeled off my panties and crawled up on the ramp, resting my behind on the higher end. He smiled slow. Running his hands over my thighs, up and down, getting closer to my hot, wet core with every pass. He held eye contact as he leaned his head over my sex. I could feel his breath, warm on my thighs, it sent tingles up my spin. He dipped his tongue into my heat and I nearly exploded. He pulled back with a grin and started stroking my outer lips with his fingers. I squirmed and tried to arch closer to the exquisite feeling of them. He dipped them deeper wetting them in my desire. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the bottom of the ramp letting myself just feel.


Always before he had to stop before bringing me to climax with his mouth, but that was before the Flip-ramp. I knew there would be no kinked neck to interrupt my pleasure this time and I relished the freedom of that. I felt him dip his little finger into my core, I tightened my muscles around him as he swirled it inside me stroking my walls. Suddenly his mouth was on my clitoris, sucking. I gasped, and as if on cue he slid his finger wet with my desire into my backdoor. My body screamed in pleasure. The new feeling of his finger there and his mouth sucking on my clit tipped me over the edge. I exploded. Wave after wave of pleasure battered my senses as he continued to stroke me, suck me, invade me.


Blood rushed in my ears and I cried out in disappointment as he pulled his mouth away. But I was not to be disappointed for long. He lifted my legs and arched up, sliding his hard member deeply into my very wet and ready entrance. I cried out again, this time from pleasure. He stroked into me again and again, I could feel myself building up again. He caught my eye as he pumped into me, licking the moisture off his lips. Holding onto my ankles he started to speed up his rhythm. The upward curve of his cock combined with the angle of the ramp had him stroking against my G-spot with every pass. I started to lose myself again. My inner muscles tightened around him and he groaned. “Cum with me baby!” I practically yelled at him. The sound of my voice and the tightening of my muscles around him were all it took. He grunted and I came again pulsing in tune to the throbbing of his release.


We rolled off the ramp together, kissing as we pushed it off the side of the bed. As I settled into his arms and started to drift off I heard him whisper: “I am so glad we got that thing.”