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Warning: It’s going to get steamy!

As I realize that there is nothing worth watching on tv, I look at my watch…. it is 10:30.

I begin to think about the Liberator website, and I begin to visualize the way you will look when you are restrained, face down with the Wedge under you, positioning you so that you are completely accessible to my exploration.

I feel the familiar sensation of the wetness of my precum against my pants as I hear the water begin to run for the shower… Then I think of you. Your smile, your body, your eyes… Those fleeting moments when we make eye contact, then you look away, as if you are divulging a guilty soul that needs to be explored…. I think of the way that you bend over when cleaning, in situations where I can see the top of your stockings, connecting to that garter, and I can see the soft, smooth skin of your upper thighs…. I have thought many times of what it would be like to explore every inch of you. I know that you have thought about it too….

I become determined to feel my cock inside you. I put down the remote, stand up, and walk towards the bathroom, thinking of you in the shower, running your own hands over your smooth, wet skin…. I open the door and feel the steam, and realize that you are only feet away. I can hear the water changing sounds as you move in the shower, and it covers your body.  You feel the rush of cold air in the room, and pull the shower curtain aside.  I see your eye looking out from the shower…. You feel exposed, and are wondering if something is wrong… Surely I knew you were in the shower, and would only impose if there were an emergency.

As you look at me in the steam filled bathroom, I close the door behind me, and I begin to unbutton my shirt. I undo my belt and place it on the sink….

You begin to wrap yourself in the shower curtain, as you begin to realize that I am here to to violate, molest, and thoroughly Dominate you.  As you begin to curl into the curtain, I reach up and rip it from the dowel, and rip it from your hands, exposing you completely. You feel the cool air from the room and the mixture of the water, the cool air, and my eyes surveying your body create goosebumps over your entire body. I see your nipples harden, and I see your bald pussy, smooth and exposed… The look in your eyes is clearly arousal.  We have discussed this fantasy many times, and your pussy begins to drool as you realize we are going to act it out tonight.

My hands grasp your wrists. I turn you around, and you feel the leather of my belt wrapping around your wrists… With your hands restrained behind your back, I begin to run my fingers firmly over your wet body, pulling to you from behind, pressing my cock against your ass as my hands wrap around you and begin to roll your swollen nipples between my fingers… breathing into your ear and telling you how I am going to own your body…. every one of your holes belongs to me….

I feel your body shudder as you hear my words.

Next, I bend you over, your head under the water, so the hot water is running down your back, and down your ass as my fingers spread your cheeks open. I begin to tease from your asshole to your pussy with the firm, cool glass of the legato toy, giving you an amazing contrast as the cold glass against your swollen lips mixes with the hot water running down your body. I pull your hair back, arching your back, and pushing your legs apart…. Rubbing the head of my cock against your asshole as the glass toy slips inside your dripping pussy…..

I tease you like this until you are grinding your body against my cock…. trying to get me inside you… needing penetration in both holes.  I hear a faint “please” from your lips, indicating to me how badly you want to be impaled and violated by my cock in your ass…. In one, firm, slow movement, I work the head of my cock inside you…. I pull your hair harder and force myself inside you so deeply that you feel my balls against your dripping pussy. My cock deep inside you, and my fingers pinching your hard nipples, I begin to ask you how you like to be double penetrated. I feel your asshole clenching against my cock as you whimper that you like it….

I reach over to shut off the water, and continue to fuck you from behind, feeling the cool air and realizing that your creamy pussy is soaking my cock.  You are so open now, I pull out of your ass, and forcefully penetrate your gaping hole… Forcing my cock into your asshole as you scream in intense sexual pleasure. As I fuck your asshole, I reach around to finger your pussy, sliding a fingers up inside you along the sexy, glass toy, curling them against your g-spot, then massaging my cock through the wet walls of your tender cunt.

You are sopping wet, dripping your juices into my hand as I continue to violate you.

My cock finally gets harder and harder, and I fill your sweet asshole with my cum. As I pull out, my fingers still in your pussy…. you feel my warm seed dripping from your used asshole.  You sound exhausted, satisfied, and completely used……

I towel off, leave the bathroom, and head back to the downstairs living room…..