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Warning: This position provides a lot of upward mobility!

“HELP WANTED; Product tester for progressive catalogue store. Must have had prior experience in product quality testing. Salary based on related experience and education. We pay a competitive salary and provide big beniefits for those that qualify.”

Well they might not have used a spellchecker, but they certainly have a job I’m qualified for,” Melisa thought out loud. Having just graduated from MIT with a degree in Physics and Chemistry, Melisa wanted to work in product testing, for good pay and benefits. Four years of piling on student debt had taken their toll, and Melisa was desperate for money. Taking down the telephone number, she logged of her computer, and called to schedule an interview.

A young woman answered immediately asking, “can I put you on hold?

Why of course,” Melisa answered knowing that to say ‘No’ would make a lousy first impression.

After listening to ten minutes of elevator music, Melisa was about to hang up, when the cheery voice interrupted ‘My Green Tambourine.’

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, but it’s the Christmas Season rush, and we’re getting swamped with orders.  Now how may I help you?”

“I’m calling in regards to the product testing job you have to offer,” Melisa said.

“Well Miss, we’re only taking applications from those with experience, or related education,” the cheery receptionist answered.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in physics with a minor in chemistry from MIT.  I worked summers in a quality control lab that tested steel products for chemical composition and tensile strength.” Now was not the time for Melisa to be humble. “And I should add, I graduated with a near 4.0.”

“Wow,” the receptionist said!  “Can I ask what is meant by tensile strength?”

“I tested steel bars for flexibility. Gauging how much bend they could take and still snap back into shape.” Melisa firm voice exalted confidence.

“You sound like you’d be the perfect fit,” the receptionist responded enthusiastically.  “The personal director Mrs. Nin, isn’t in at the moment. But I’ll schedule you for an interview first thing in the morning, 9:00AM sharp.”

“Thanks,” Melissa said.

“I can’t wait to meet you,” the receptionist answered in a squeaky girly voice, “you sound so fun to work with.”

When Melisa hung up she exhaled in relief.  “Dear God, I hope they’re not all x-cheerleaders at that place,” she said out loud. As female athlete who earned distinction for playing field-hockey, Melisa secretly loathed bubbly girly cheerleader types.


When the receptionist welcomed Melisa, she was exactly as she pictured her. A ditsy petite bubbly blonde whose hair was tied in a ponytail. “Mrs. Nin, will see you right away. Good luck!”

Entering Mrs. Nin’s office Melisa was put off by the fact that the middle aged bespectacled woman didn’t even look up from her PC to notice her.

“Sit down,” she mumbled, as she tapped away.

Melisa sat for an uncomfortable minute, when Mrs. Nin asked for her resume. Hardly lifting her eyes, she immediately dove into it.

“Impressive,” she said. “Graduated with honors from MIT with a degree in Physics and Chemistry.  It also says you have some experience in a product testing lab for a steel manufacture. Was this a steel mill?”

“No mam, we purchased steel and then machined them into finish products. I assisted in testing those products for chemistry, tensile strength and hardness.”

“I’m curious, how do you test steel for hardness?” Mrs. Nin asked, her eyes meeting Melisa’s inquisitively.

“You hammer it with a punch, then you check the depth of the holes under a microscope.” Melisa answered. “But to be honest, after a while, you can tell a steel rod’s hardest and strength, just by its feel.”

“Hmmm,” the woman’s eyebrows popped up. “Janet, our receptionist said, she thought you make a good fit. She may well be right. Do you know what kind of products we deal with here at Liberator?”

“No mam, I don’t. The name Liberator makes me think it may have to do something with aircraft.  My grandfather flew a B-25 Liberator in WWII.”

Melisa’s answer finally brought a smile to the gray haired woman’s face. “No, dear, we don’t make aircraft, but we do make things that have been known to make people fly. I think it’s best if we took a tour of our testing lab.”

When Melisa walked into the lab, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was equipped with beautiful contoured furniture of various welcoming shapes and vibrant colors.

“You sell this beautiful furniture,” she gasped?

“Yes, but we also deal in a wide variety of related items. Ms. Melisa, take a seat, and excuse me while I fetch some of our more common stock that you’ll be testing.”

Melisa sat nervously waiting for the woman’s return, searching around the well lite white walled and tiled room for other hints as to what might be tested here. ‘Is that a see through mirror,’ she asked herself?  ‘Of course it is!’ The kind that’s used to observe interaction between a product and its users. Melisa saw one used in a documentary, where kids were playing with toys.  Observers would watch behind the mirror for any hints of what the kids liked, didn’t like, and really really liked!

“Here we go.” Mrs. Nin said carrying a large box. From it she took two objects and plopped them down on the chaise right next to Melisa. Here are some of the products you’ll be working with, both personally and by observing their use in group studies. We only want to sell the best here at Liberator, so testing is a must.

Melisa picked up one of the brightly colored object. Curved in an elegant form, it was colored in pink and white.  Next to it was another object, the same coloration, but longer and shapelier.  Melisa picked it up and examined it closely. “What is this,” she asked?

“It’s one of our two of our biggest sellers, the LELO Soraya.   And the other, Lovelife Adventure Triple Stim Vibrator, I’d like you to try them out, so you can appreciate Liberator’s high standards.”

“Did you say, a vibrator?”  Melisa gasped in shock.

“Yes dear, Liberator is one of America’s premier adult sex boutiques. You’ll be responsible for screening for the best in sex toys. Everything from vibrators to dildos, lubes, oils and candles.  You’ll also testing out our fetish gear. We carry nothing but the finest floggers, cuffs and paddles.  You’re going to be a very busy girl.

“I don’t…!”  Melisa hesitated.

“I know, honey, not everyone is comfortable with their sexuality,” Mrs. Nin said reassuringly.

“Well, no, that’s not what I meant!  I mean…” Melisa gulped a breath of air, “I’m just so surprised!”

“Ms. Melisa, like any other products, these are designed to fit a human need. You’ll not only be working to improve the pleasure and happiness of humanity, but you’ll be paid handsomely.”

Melisa drew in a huge breath to gather her composure. “How much,” she asked?

Mrs. Nin leaned over and whispered in her ear, and Melisa’s eyes grew wide. “I’ll take it.”

“Good, you can get started right away with this a Valkyrie Bow Panty Harness. It’s lingerie with a purpose.” Melisa couldn’t believe what Mrs. Nin produced. A beautiful patterned panty bordered by a black ribbon with a bow in the back.

“Quick dear, slip off that silly business suit and get into this.”

Melisa, shut her eyes for a moment and thought, ‘can I do this? For that kind of money, of course I can.’

Within seconds she was out of her dike suite and into those killer undies. Topless, she stuck out her chest in pride as Mrs. Nin, examined her. “Beautiful, it looks more and more like you’ll be fitting in. Now let me fit those panties with an attachment. After inserting a large black dildo out of the front, Mrs. Nin cinched the black bow snugly around Melisa waist. Melisa was admiring her pretty strap on, when Mrs. Nin startled her by yelling, “Janet, come here.”

Janet came bouncing in, beaming her dentine smile. “Yes Mrs. Nin?”

“What do you think, Janet?”

“Wow, you’re so hot,” Janet’s said smacking her gum.

“Thank you,” Melisa said.

“No need to thank her,” Mrs. Nin said. “But you do need to fuck her.”

Melisa felt the blood drain out of her, but before she could say a word. Janet was removing all her clothing, save her cute athletic shoes and white socks. She then, slowly bent over a Merlot colored couch that Melisa realized was designed for specifically for sex.

Janet’s blonde ponytail bounced against her smooth suntanned shoulders, as she spread her stance, and arched her back. Raising her shapely ass high in the air. Her smooth shaven labia and tight anus were proudly exposed. “Either hole will do,” she said seductively over her shoulder.

The usually reserved Melisa, was suddenly filled with arousal and resolve. She was going to fuck this cheerleader tease, and fuck her good. Grabbing the young woman by her shoulders she slowly sunk her black prosthetic cock in her beautiful ass. ‘So this is what it’s like being a man,’ Melisa thought to herself.  Janet, shuttered, and squirmed, said “owe” once, then started to take heavy breaths, each one punctuated by a dainty grunt. Melisa tried to synchronize her thrusts to the rhythm of the girls’ inhalation. The result, was Janet’s grunting, soon turned into moaning.  The sensation of the strap-on’s pressure against Melisa’s pelvis stimulated her in a way she had never felt before.

“Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus,” the blonde girl exalted as she came.

“Bravo Ms. Melisa, you are proving to be a perfect fit,” Mrs. Nin complimented her.

The combination of sexual empowerment along with the thrill of spectator sensual encouragement, became overwhelming.  Soon a deep orgasm surged through Melisa.  She shuddered, her legs trembling, Melisa groaned loudly, “AWWWW GOD!”

“Sex is definitely not for atheists,” Mrs. Nin said laughing, “and you two are proof at that.”

After the two young women were finished, they sat exhausted next each other on the fuck furniture. Before the orgasmic fog had completely cleared their heads, Mrs. Nin proposed a question to Janet.

“Do you think, Ms. Melisa will make a good fit, Janet” she asked?

“I’m not sure,” the girl said coyly, “I hope so.” Then a wicked mischievous smile spread across her face.

“Well, will soon see,” Mrs. Nin said grinning. “Benjamin, get in here,” she yelled in a demanding voice. Through the door emerged a young handsome tall muscular blue-eyed man, with brown curly hair.

He had a friendly beautiful smile. “Hi, I’m Benjamin, but everyone calls me Bennie. I’ll be your personal assistant, at your beck and call, ready to perform any duty that you expect from me,” he said taking her hand.  But instead of shaking it, like Melisa, expected, he gently kissed it.

“I have a personal assistant,” Melisa asked Mrs. Nin?

“Why yes dear. We not only deal in female products, we also feature a long line of men’s as well.  Everything from fleshlights to cock rings. In testing these items you’ll find Bennie’s assistance very helpful. Of course, as his superior, you will need to discipline him from time to time. I personally like to use the red Sensua Suede Whip on him. But you may choose to discipline him with one of our other products like one of our many fine paddles from Liberator LeatherWorks.

Gazing into the man’s beautiful blue’s Melisa couldn’t help but exclaim in a soft voice. “I didn’t expect any of this. I’ve got the best damn job in the world.”

“Not quite yet Ms. Melisa.” Mrs. Nin’s voice took on a more serious tone. “Remember the ad? It specifically mentioned this job came with beniefits, but only if you qualify.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand,” Melisa answered.

Mrs. Nin nodded towards the young man, this is Bennie, now let’s see if he fits. With that the young man unzipped his fly, to unleash a big powerful erection, only inches from Melisa’s face.  “You said you knew how to test steel rods for hardness and flexibility,” Mrs. Nin said, “now let’s see you test that.”

And Melisa began a series of tests, and to Mrs. Nin and Janet’s amazement and entertainment, they found, indeed, ‘she was the perfect fit.’