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Warning: For the young at heart!

On the eve of my 50th birthday my wife handed me what I thought would be another simple birthday card. I would soon discover that things sometimes do not appear to be as they seem. On the front in fancy cursive writing were two simple words, Happy Birthday. The inside of the card contained no words, only an erotic picture of a woman with a smirk and appeared to be using a paddle against someone’s ass.

Over the last few years I have discovered that I have become quite fond of anal stimulation. It started off slowly with massaging my cheeks and progressed to sliding a finger inside my ass during oral play. Now the excitement that I receive from a good slap on the ass and the sting that comes with it, along with the pleasure of prostate stimulation from my wife’s strap-on harness and various dildos are things I wish I had discovered years ago.

I told her I liked the card very much and asked where the picture came from. She said she cropped it and that there was more to the picture and I would have to wait to find out what she cropped out. She did say she found the picture on a website and my present would be arriving soon. A package arrived the next day with an address I recognized. I started my picture search at and after about 30 minutes I found the picture in the Fleshlight Mount section. It was associated with the Fleshlight Top Dog.

Now I thought I knew how we would be spending the evening but it turned out she had other plans. That evening as we were getting ready for bed she told me to make sure the stool was in the room. This is code for setting up the sex swing. With the swing set set up I asked her what about the Top Dog? She had me position it in front of the swing, remove all of my clothes and get in the swing doggie style.

I looked in the mirror and saw that she too was naked and had put on her strap-on harness and had the largest dildo we have, my personal favorite (Tantus’ Vamp) inserted securely into the harness. My cock throbbed in time with my elevated pulse. She had me line up my cock with the Fleshlight but told me not to enter until she said so. Handing me a bottle of lube for the Fleshlight I got it ready while she got me ready. Her hands spread my ass and I felt her warm tounge on my hole. It was not long before I felt myself relax and open. She said well that did not take long. She grabbed the lube and quickly slid in one then two fingers. A short time later a third finger was inside and I knew what was next.

She removed her fingers and applied lube to her dildo. She pressed the tip against me with steady pressure and slid all the way inside me. Now that she was in me she told me I could be inside my present.

I slid into the Fleshlight and being stimulated from the front and rear was incredible. She said when she pulls back then I can pull back and when she thrusts in then I can thrust in. We got our rhythm down quickly and I knew it would not be long before I would have an orgasm.

She sensed this as well and told me not to pull out when my orgasm started. She pulled out with a pop when I cried out my orgasm was about to start and began slapping my ass cheeks saying Happy (left cheek) Birthday (right cheek) Ba- (left cheek) by (right cheek) as my body shook from the intensity of my orgasm along with the slaps on my ass.

She then grabbed my hips, slid her dildo back inside my ass and gave me a good hard fucking after my orgasm. As I laid there hanging in the swing I could hear her taking off her strapon harness and climb on to the bed. I heard her say I want you to fuck me like I just fucked you. I got out of the swing and saw her lying on our Wedge/Ramp pillows. As I walked towards the bed, my erection returning, I thought to myself, turning 50 is not so bad.


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