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Warning: This will move you in more ways than one!

I could see her moving in down the hall as I was taking the garbage out. Her long, thick hair gently rested on her shoulder in a ponytail as she wiped the sweat from her brow. As I stared while walking by, she looked up to meet my glance. A smile played on her lips, and I could feel my eyes longing to wander down her body—to take in the tight red tank top hugging her and the black spandex grabbing her ass like as I imagined my hands would.

“Hi,” was all I gruffed out as I shuffled by.

“Hi,” she sang out and I swear I was transfixed. Her friend startled me out of the moment with a “Hi” as well and I shuffled along, kicking myself for not being able to come up with more than a rushed greeting.

Downstairs, after throwing away the trash, I turned back to head my way up and could see the moving truck parked in front of the building. I slowed my pace to allow time for her to come back out for another load.

When she reappeared I was struck again by the lithe nature of her body that looked just like a dancer as she strode with her long legs reaching far up into heaven.

“Hi, I’m your neighbor from upstairs. Could you use a helping hand?” I asked her as I extended my hand.

“Hi again. Absolutely. Every girl could use some help now and again.”

As I helped her move in her things, I tried to imagine what kind of girl she was. Even though her friends were helping her, she stayed close to me as we brought in box after box. When she leaned over to pick up a chair, I could see the muscles on the back of her leg gleaming in the sunlight and I wanted to lick all the way up her reaching up to her back to nibble on her neck.

As she passed by with the chair in tow, I could smell a soft sandalwood scent mixed with some kind of flower. I smiled and quickly grabbed something to keep up.

As we approached the truck for the last time, I noticed one last object in the back. She had already dismissed much of the moving party and was left with one friend who decided to drive back the truck for her so she could start unpacking.

Since I already lived in the building, I was designated to help her carry in the strange shaped furniture which was fuzzy to the touch and had the shape of an s curve to it.

“Is this a chaise lounge?” I asked trying to appear smart.

“Sorta,” she grinned. “It’s my Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise.” She lightly stroked her finger down the curve of it and I noticed buckles all down the sides of it.

“That’s quite a name. What’s it for?”

“Let’s get it upstairs and I can answer your questions there,” she grinned.

Lighter than I thought it would be, we hoisted it easily up the stairs and into her apartment where she stopped to close the door.

“Does it go in the living room?” I asked.

“No, it goes in the bedroom.”

My curiosity peaked as we leaned over to pick it up and I could see her supple breasts peeking out of her shirt. I watched as I lifted and when I pull my eyes up higher, I could see her staring at me. Caught ogling, I tried to look away quickly.

“Looking down my shirt, tsk tsk tsk. You’re gonna have to be punished for that. I guess you’re gonna find out what this chaise is for.” She grinned at me and I could feel my shorts getting tighter as my body craved her.

As soon as we set down the chaise, she moved so close to me that I could hardly gulp. She pressed in with her body leaning in close to mine with her breasts pressing right up against my chest. She grabbed the loops on my shorts and pulled me in close to her as I wrapped my arms around her and our lips collided into a slow soft kiss.

I pulled back for a moment, “Wait, what are we doing?”

“You offered a helping hand, remember? I need more than just my own hands right now.”

The thought of her handling herself was all I needed to pull her back close to me as our bodies grinded as I kissed her with my tongue sliding in and out of her mouth. She pushed me down towards the Liberator chaise and I fell back into the deep curve of the velvety seat.

She straddled over me as I pulled off her tank top. She rocked her hips deep into my cock as I nibbled up her chest and neck, running my hands along the smoothness of her stomach and slipping them up underneath her shirt to pull it off.

Greedily, we were tearing off each other’s clothes as our tongues roamed each other’s mouths and I bit her lip with ferocity. She rocked back to unbuckle my pants and reached in to pull out my swollen member. Stepping to the side to pull off her tight shorts, I burned with lust at the sight of no panties. As soon as the shorts hit the floor, I grabbed her arm to pull her back on top of me.

She rode me like a beast uncaged and I thrust my hips towards hers with each rocking motion. Building up into a crescendo, she peaked just before me and I exploded.

She leaned down to gently kiss my lips. “That was exactly what I needed.”

“I’m glad to have been some help,” I panted in reply.


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