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Warning: Vivid details may lead to highly erotic thoughts!

I turned off the water and sat for a few more moments on the shower bench. The intoxicating Chardonnay from our four-star dinner had helped relax my mind, and the long and luxuriant steam shower with Marie had succeeded in relaxing my body. It had been too long since we had gotten away to our favorite luxury B&B, weeks of work and stress endured only with the light at the end of the tunnel: a weekend getaway – no work, no house, no kids – when we could enjoy great food, great wine and each other.

Wearing only my birthday suit, I stepped from the bathroom into the dimly lit bedroom to find Marie calmly at work. “Stay right there,” she said, “I’m not quite ready for you.” No problem, I thought; she was standing by the far side of the bed, knotting a red silk sash to the bedpost, and her outfit had stopped me dead in my tracks: a pearl thong and matching pearl bra – ravishing!  My feet stood still, but my heart raced as she finished tying sashes to each bedpost and then climbed onto the bed and placed our Liberator Black Label Wedge in the middle, right where I expected her to place her lovely ass. But then she did the unexpected. “Lie down,” she said, patting the wedge. Hey, I thought, this set up has always been for her, not for me! 

I submitted and was immediately excited to feel my sense of vulnerability increase with each sash she tied. She tied both hands, then one ankle, then got ready for the fourth and final sash, bending toward the foot of the bed, exposing her glorious ass to me as she took her time fastening me to the bedpost. Aching to touch her, I reached to caress her ass, but she was just out of reach of my bound hands.

I simmered with desire when she held up a fifth satin sash. “Hmmm,” she said, “what to do with the extra sash?” Grinning, she turned and straddled me, then I felt the soft sash wrapping around my nuts and the base of my dick. “Tonight, big fella,” she said as she turned around, “you are all mine.” 

I had never before felt so hungry and yet so helpless. From my balls to my brain, from my hands to my beating heart, I burned to hold her, to love her every way I could. Ever the controlled one, though, Marie slid up on my chest and gently rocked her hips forward. I strained my tongue toward her smooth pussy and managed to flick it – barely- with the tip of my tongue. She let out a light gasp, before rocking backward. I strained against the sashes, aching for more. Grasping the sash tethered to my cock in one hand, she gently rocked her hips forward again. Reaching my tongue out to meet her, I slipped it into her and wrapped it around the strand of pearls, tugging her toward me. “Ahhhh,” she moaned in release, allowing me to plunge my tongue up into her sopping wet pussy. It was as if all the energy I would have used to hold her hips was concentrated in my tongue and my lips. I devoured her, my tongue frantically swirled around the pearls, puckering my lips and sucking gently on her clit. As if demanding even more, she pulled on the sash wrapped around my cock, squeezing me as she pressed her pussy into my mouth in rhythm. I was delirious with desire, wanting to go forever, when she stopped, suddenly, and rocked backward.

Panting, she looked down at me, my tongue still extended. “So,” she said playfully, “it seems tough on you to see something you just can’t quite touch, huh?” “Yes,” I nodded. “Well, then I know just what to do!”  She reached behind her and lifted her LoveBlind, chuckling a little bit to herself. Unable to resist, I surrendered and was blindfolded. I could see nothing, but soon I heard the soft hum of her Cuddle vibrator, followed by her soft moans. “Ummmm, this feels. So. Fantastic,” she said – to herself or to me, I wasn’t sure. I lifted my hips to where I thought she might be, but encountered nothing. I extended my tongue, striving to find her, but touched nothing. Her moaning grew louder and I could feel her swaying on the bed. “I need to be in you!” I cried. “Ummmm, but I can’t stop,” she replied, the vibrator’s hum muffled as she slipped it from her clit to inside her pussy. 

We lifted and panted faster and faster, almost uncontrollably when I sensed her shifting her weight and leaning forward. It was then, in one incredible move and without missing the slightest beat, that she consumed me: she swept my cock up into her pussy and leaned forward and at the very same moment to plunge her tongue into my mouth. Restrained but frenzied, I returned her love, feeling nothing in my limbs as I used all the energy in my body to drive myself, thrashing into her pussy as deeply as I could. With our mouths connected, our tongues engaged in a furious, uncontrollably passionate cavort, exchanging our bodies’ tastes, sucking and virtually inhaling each other’s tongues – hers I sucked with a craving I reserved for her pussy, mine she sucked as if it was the pinnacle of her conquest of my entire body. We were thrashing, moaning, even crying out into our joined mouths as we came and came and came again.  

Slowly our thrashing eased to swaying and in our mouths our cries became soft murmurs. All that we moved was our tongues, gently caressing each other with warmth, satisfaction and contentment. Exhausted, she lifted her mouth from mine and removed the blindfold. Finally able to see my lover again, I said, “Sweetheart, I’m not only yours tonight. I am yours forever.”