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Warning: This is one dream you won’t want to wake up from.

I am asleep on my stomach in my way too big t-shirt, taking a break after I’ve showered off the crazy morning with the kids. So, why, I think to myself, is my big left toe starting to feel wet? Maybe I’m still dreaming? I mean, I think I was having a really good wet dream but it wasn’t this good. Now I got this weird sensation and can’t stop all of my toes from curling in as this intense spike of tingles begin to shoot up my leg. It is as though all of these little kisses are now happening on the sole of my foot. Wet ones, dry ones, kiss after kiss after kiss.

 If this is one of my dreams, I refuse to wake up!

I bury my head into my arms and pillow, and run my fingers through my hair. My eyelids act as though they are ready to open but I try to hold them tight and force myself back into this dream.

Instead, I feel myself unconsciously opening my legs further, my body warming. The small kisses now begin to trail up my leg as though someone thought it was the most precious thing he was caressing. There’s a kiss, then a soft rub of a cheek happening over and over again in this soothing rhythm.  Oh my.

I take a really deep breath as I turn my head one more time. This time, though, I get a whiff of my favorite scent of lavender burning. As I inhale this relaxing smell, I am confused because now I know I am not dreaming and am startled at the thought this is really happening because this has NEVER happened to me before. I finally look back towards my legs.  

It’s Bob. My husband.

In 23 years of marriage, he has never done this. 

He quietly says, “The kids are gone and I wanted to give you a special wake-up call. Put your head back down and let me say ‘Good morning’.”

I thought he was going to slide deep into me right there and end everything quickly even though I wasn’t quite ready. But he said, “Be patient. I want to take care of you for a change.”

He gently pulls off my clothes and rolls me over the Wedge so my nipples rise up as if they were taking center stage. As his finger began to make a line from my chest to my vagina his tongue followed. Then he let his hand massage and stroke all around my vagina as his lips and tongue trailed back and began to take in my breasts, one at a time, as if for the very first time. I just had to close my eyes. There was nothing else I could do.

His fingers did this dance inside me as his thumb rubbed my clit. All the while, he sucked on my breast like he was nursing a bottle. I grabbed his hand and massaged his head, whispering for him to come inside me. I wanted him so badly now. But he just slid the wedge down as he turned it so my hips would be lifted up.

He said, “Let me have a snack first.”

I pushed him away because I felt embarrassed but deep down I could not wait for his lips to touch mine down there. I swallowed and I actually thought my eyes watered just a little. I’m not sure if that was because of the anticipation, the excitement or the sensations coursing through my body at this exact moment.

But, man, was it good. I just closed my eyes and held on. I kept feeling my stomach tighten and my legs widen, more and more, as if being pulled open by some invisible string. I couldn’t control it. I wanted to act demure and shy, but there I was, propped on this wedge holding the back of my knees and it felt so, so good. Tension and stress were melting away.

WOW! This man loves me. After all these years, all the time that has passed, he still loves me and my body; every single part of me. As I start to come the first time, my body tenses and he holds on to my clit, sucking it so well, while each hand has found the exact center of my nipples and tickles them just so.

I begged for him to get inside of me and he finally obliged. He turns me on top of the Wedge so my butt rises up ever so nicely. After he plants the most beautiful, seductive kisses all around my butt, he gets that center spot right where my butt meets my lower back and it felt…I can’t…I can’t describe it.

He raises up and glides, ever so slowly, into me. Hmmmm. Finally.

He’s gentle at first, teasing almost, as he pulls out to the tip of his penis then plunges back in. I never knew that after all these years we could find something new about each other’s bodies; but the Wedge lets me feel him deeper, better and stronger. He’s able to hit me in places that just honestly make my head get this burning sensation.

I never want this to end.

He lies down, placing his chest onto my back and rocks back and forth. This closeness brings a whole other sensation between us that my neck slightly shudders as I turn my head side to side following his kisses. I rub his legs, wrap my ankles around them, and hold on happy for the ride, pushing back and up to meet every single thrust.

How in the world can it be this damn good?!

It feels like I’m just constantly coming now.

He takes my arms and cups them into his, holding me tight as he thrusts just a few more times and comes. We let out a deep, satisfying breath.

I still couldn’t speak.