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Warning: This anniversary is full of surprises!


10 years! Wow! It seemed like yesterday. I am watching the clock tick away and I can’t wait to get home to celebrate. I look at your picture on my desk and you are just as beautiful as you were when we met. I have a wonderful, romantic dinner planned and the perfect gifts. You have been bugging me for some time for “sex furniture” and I kept telling you it was too expensive just to throw you off the path of what I have hidden in the guest closet. I can imagine the look on your face and how wet you will get when I take that blindfold off from the starter cuff kit. I just may tease you and caress your breasts and nipples before I do though. Finally! Time to go! I race home to beat you there and get things set up before you arrive and have it ready when we get back from dinner. As I pull in the driveway and enter the garage, I see you are already home. Damn! I guess I will have to wait for the set up.


I head up the stairs and as I walk into the room only the nightstand table lights are on and you are watching a porn. You are wearing sexy red and black lingerie with open cups, just enough for your nipples to peek out and a pair of 4 inch red heels. I quickly realize you have found your surprise because you are spread eagle in the middle of bed propped up on the new Liberator Black Label Ramp.


The outfit is apparently crotchless because you were playing with  your pussy and using your favorite purple g-spot dildo. Needless to say I take advantage and bind your wrists. You pull out your dildo and say, “Lick me until I cum.” I don’t say a word. I slide the liberator wedge under your sexy ass and start kissing your thighs as I tease before licking your softly and slowly.


You were wet before but after a while of me licking you, you got wetter and wetter as I increase the pace and pressure. As you moan and scream, you come all over my face and you hungrily say “Fuck me.” I get undressed and started kissing you from your belly button until I reach your lips and then I slide into you slowly.


We keep kissing as I increase the pace. All the while I kiss and nibble at your neck, breasts and nipples. With every nibble at your neck and thrust you come. After a while of us going hot and heavy you whisper “Hold on. Untie me.” I do as told wondering what is going on. I watch as you grab your dildo and move over to the new Liberator Esse and Stage combo.


You lean over the Esse and slide your dildo it in your pussy as look back at me. You say, “Fuck me!” I laugh and say, “It looks like you are full.” You laugh in such a naughty way and say, “No, fuck my ass.” I am shocked and pleasantly surprised. You rarely ask for it but I could tell by the look in your eyes how bad you wanted it. I grab a condom and then surprisingly you say, “Lick it first while I fuck myself.” Of course I do not hesitate. I get on my knees and begin worshipping and rimming your sexy ass with much joy. I feel you tense as you come. You then say, “Now fuck it.”


I put on the condom and slide in safely and slowly. You keep fucking yourself with the dildo while I fuck you in the ass. You begin to scream, “Deeper and harder!” I oblige and slap your ass a few times before grabbing your hair as I fuck you harder and harder. I feel you come and as you feel me getting close you say, “take the condom off and cum in my ass.” I pull out and slide the condom off before entering back into you. I push harder and deeper into you as you lean down onto the scoop. With full access I feel us both come hard together. As I lean forward and kiss your back, I hear you breathlessly whisper, “Happy Anniversary.”