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Cathy and my wife, Jenn, were college roommates. Over 25 years they’ve remained tight, though living on opposite coasts. Tonight was the end of Cath’s weeklong stay with us. She just ended a seven-year relationship and came to catch-up and lick her wounds. Her Ex was an ass, but Cath was still pretty broken up about it.

We went out for a final dinner and had more than a few glasses of wine. As I sat in between them, the ladies let slip a few details about their college days. There was something about sharing one of their boyfriends for a night, but couldn’t get any details out of them between bursts of laughter. On Jenn, I could smell her wonderful rose-petal perfume, but on Cath was the sweet scent of jasmine. The fragrances mixed with the food and the wine as the evening went on. When we got back home, I had to take the dog out for his evening stroll. Cath had an early flight, so I did not expect this to be a late night.

When I returned, I was startled to find our gear laying out in the bedroom – the Liberator Black Label Center Stage, and Black Label Ramp accompanying restraint cuffs, collar and accessories on the floor. On the bed was the red, Fascinator Throw blanket, and a blindfold. Jenn and I enjoy bedroom play. She has a C-suite corporate job, while I’m just a cog in the machine, but in the bedroom, she appreciates being dominated and letting go. I am more than happy to take control and run the show. Jenn came into the room pulling on her silk robe – with all kinds of tanned nakedness exposed. “I have been showing Cath our stuff, I hope you don’t mind,” with a mischievous grin. She knew I didn’t. Then she said, “Take off your clothes and put on the blindfold. I will be back in a minute and give you a nice rub down.” She didn’t need to say it twice.

I was on my stomach, with only the blindfold on, when I sensed Jenn return. She straddled me and started working the almond-scented Kama Sutra Aromatic Massage Oil into my back. After a pause, she grabbed my wrist and strapped on a Black Label cuff, then did the same my other wrist, then my ankles. Tonight she was going to be the Dom!?!

One hand grabbed my hair, another pulled at my shoulder, Jenn whispered: “stand up,” and she guided me to my feet.  My wrists were pulled behind me—she was stronger than I remembered. Wireless earbuds went into my ears. Throbbing club music flooded in making me deaf to the sounds of the bedroom in addition to being blindfolded. The Barcelona Collar was buckled around my neck then an Oxballs Cockring snapped tight at the base of my throbbing shaft and balls—but wait a minute. If Jenn was holding my wrists, who was applying the gear? I was then led around the room and nudged down onto all fours. My wrists and ankles were secured to the Black Label Center Stage.

I was pulled forward via the collar and my face was mashed into a warm and already-wet pussy – with the smell of jasmine! As I went to work lusciously licking and sucking Cath’s clit, I felt fingers working the lube into my exposed asshole. Being on the receiving end of the anal play was new, but I had experienced the power of stimulating Jenn there. When the NJoy Pfun Plug was inserted into my ass, deep, it made me pause, but a yank on the collar refocused my attentiveness to Cath’s pussy.

As Cath’s cunt ground into my face, Jenn, from beneath, began sucked my cock while reaching up through my legs, pulsating the Pfun Plug—nailing my prostate from the inside. I think Cath and I came at the same time, but I can never be sure; it felt heavenly. Cath moved away, and the Pfun Plug was removed. My cuffs were released, and one earbud was removed long enough for one of them to whisper, “on your back.” I complied, and again my cuffs were secured.

A bottle was put to my lips for a drink—Prosecco. Legs slid under my shoulders and feet clamped to my sides, this knocked loose an earbud; I could hear the room! Warm wetness passed over my face, filling my nostrils with the scent of rose petals. Jenn’s pussy came down on target and I went at it with vigor.  Then Cath says to Jenn—“What if I had seconds?”

“Ok—since—I owe you one—from college,” huffed Jenn, over her shoulder. With Jenn’s pulsing pussy above me,  a condom was pulled down over my erect tool. Then, like turning on a furnace, Cath’s super-hot cunt slid down my full length. She moved up and down while flexing her well-developed kegel muscles. We were now a cacophony of moans and heavy breathing. At one point I heard the sound of Jenn getting a few smacks on the ass.

Jenn came first in a wet surge, then moved away. Cath continued thrusting while clenching those lovely kegels on the upswing. Prosecco rained down on my chest and abs with Jenn sucking and biting my nipples…hard. I quickly exploded, my back arching off the Stage. I could feel Cath’s body shudder, three times, as she cried out. My restraints were eventually released. A whisper: “Meet your wife in the shower.”

I stepped into the hot water and Jenn smiled at me, “I know you enjoyed that— but don’t expect it ever again. You’re ALL mine, got it?” Our shower was sensual and loving, then we climbed into bed still wet and naked and spooned.

When I awoke the next morning. Cath had already gone. On the counter, a magnum of Prosecco. My cock ring was around the neck of the bottle, and with it, a note: “Best breakup sex EVER!”