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Warning: This is one surprise you won’t forget!

I walk through the garage into a pitch black house, it’s 11:30 and she is fast asleep. I do my best to remain quiet as I grab a towel and head for the shower. The steam filled bathroom relieves the tension of a long day. I finish up, dry off and head for the bedroom.

Much to my surprise I find my wife kneeling on the bed in a sexy red corset and black thong. The towel does nothing to hide my stiff cock that went from zero to hero the second I laid eyes on her next to her is a brand new Shape, a Black Label Hipster.

She tells me to lose the towel and get on the bed. I start kissing her neck and began to work my way down. She pulls my head back and kisses me, biting my bottom lip ever so slightly. She pushes me down on the Hipster and binds my hands. This was unfamiliar territory for me, but I could tell she wanted total control over me. She climbed on top of me and began running her hands up and down my thighs. My cock got harder with every pass. All I could think about was her tight wet pussy sliding over my cock.

She began to rub her hot wet pussy in front of my face. The anticipation and thought of her riding on top of me had me ready to explode. She pulled her sweet pussy soaked thong aside and told me to eat her pussy until she cums. Her perfectly smooth wet pussy covers my face. She moans the second my tongue hits her pussy. With each stroke of my tongue, I feel her body quiver and move closer to orgasm. She moans louder and louder as she rides my face with my tongue deep in her pussy. I felt her legs pull tight against my head as she cums all over my face over and over again. She playfully slaps my face afterward with a kinky smile on her face.

She starts kissing my neck, I groan with anticipation. She starts to run her hands over my chest ever so slightly. Working her way down, reacting to every sound and move I make. She begins stroking my cock very slowly and squeezing my balls. I can hardly contain myself as she starts to blow my cock. At first just the tip then my entire shaft bringing me closer and closer to cumming. The sensation was overwhelming. She felt my body tense and knew I was so close to cumming. She stopped quickly and looked up at me “I need that in my pussy.”

She climbed on top of me and slid her soaking wet pussy over my cock. She rode on top of me, I could feel her pussy squeeze tighter and tighter with every thrust as she came multiple times. I wanted to squeeze her sexy ass as it slid up and down on my cock, but loved the idea of her being in total control. She began to increase her pace, “cum with me ” she yelled between moans. Knowing how bad she wanted it, my cock exploded in her pussy. She moaned even louder and came all over my cock again. I laid there completely spent. It was amazing, her pussy still pulsing around my cock. She unbound my hands and laid on my chest, she looked up at me and asked “how was that for a midnight surprise?”

She can surprise me anytime.


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